A Chicago gun rights group has an innovative response to police “gun buybacks.”

The group called Guns Save Life raised $12,000 for a shooting camp for kids ages 10 to 16, hosted by the NRA, by turning in guns that were “mostly scrap” at a June 2 event at the New Life Convenant Church in Grand Crossing.

In this post from, John Both, Guns Save Life’s executive director, said they got $100 for each of the nonworking firearms.

The gun turn-in even was an effort between the Chicago Police Department and community organizations that say the goal is to “get guns off the street,” the story says.

Area residents can bring in guns and give them to police for the $100 each with no questions asked.

Boch said in the story that the gun they turn in are “usually old and unusable, but even the newer ones that the Guns Save Life members turned in were all ‘broken down, all non-firing, missing parts and pieces.’ Some appears to have been through fires or rusted beyond use…”

“They had no effective value in the grand scheme of things,” Boch said in the story. “We went up there to trade our unwanted firearms for perfectly good cash to send young people to a National Rifle Association summer gun camp to teach them about the safe and effective use of firearms.”

The story says police collected more than 420 guns during the June 2 event. That’s a payout of $42,000.

Police said they are reviewing their policy and will no longer allow individuals to bring in crates of guns as they have in the past.

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