Gun Cleaning Must Haves

Accessories also play a key role in serious gun cleaning. Eric Miller, product manager for Gunslick Pro and Outers, says, “The top accessories that serious gun cleaners use are one-piece carbon fiber rods, bore guides, benchrest-quality tips, utility brush sets and cotton patches. These products themselves are not advanced, but a benchrest shooter chooses them for top-notch quality, durability and their ability to conquer specific tasks.” In reality, these products should be used by all shooters. Gunslick Pro Benchrest Brushes are made of high-quality materials and have soft brass cores. The Nylon Brushes are ideal for gently cleaning barrels, because the nylon will not react to copper solvent. Brass jag tips deliver a tighter fit inside the barrel to remove more debris. One-piece carbon fiber or stainless steel rods will not hold contaminates, or react to chemicals. Stainless steel rods are very strong, and Miller explained that using them reduces the risk of bending rods which could scratch the barrel. “Bore Guides should be used by all rifle shooters,” Miller said. “They are easy to use and helps maintain accuracy because they protect metal parts from marring or scratching. Using our Bore and Chamber Brush is also a simple step that really cleans a chamber which can be packed with caked-on crud where the cartridge sits.” Picks, swabs and utility brushes are simple tools that aid cleaning hard to reach areas and clean specific small parts.