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The plethora of pocket pistols and slim, rounded concealed-carry pistols isn’t just a response to a general trend. This story from and CNN Money says that women are driving the gun industry to crank out firearms that fit them better than what’s available now, not just guns with pink and purple embellishments.

As we know, women are the fastest growing demographic in the gun industry, since many of them buying guns for the first time for self-defense. Additionally, concealed carry permits are being issued in record numbers throughout the country, and an increasing number of those are issued to women. That means women need guns that fit their hands well and are easy to carry and conceal, the story says.

“Women have always been around in the industry,” said Glock spokesperson Kie Wagner in the story. “We’ve always been here; we’ve always been shooting.” Wagner references the company’s Slimline series, including the new G36, showcased at last month’s SHOT Show, as a gun that is designed for women.

The sub-compact handgun is meant for carry, measuring only 1.13 inches wide with a single stack magazine, which makes for a narrow grip.

Another company that was at SHOT, Honor Defense, was demonstrating its newly launched pistol, the Honor Guard (its first and only product), which incorporated information from female consultants in its engineering phase.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase with women in handgun shooting,” said Smith & Wesson marketing director Paul Pluff. “We’ve gone across the United States and we’ve seen a lot of states pass concealed carry laws, so it has helped drive sales.”

S&W and other gun companies are partnering with accessory companies for create concealed carry systems, like Crimson Trace.

“We know that the concealed carry market is very robust right now and that’s why we get demands for products like this,” said Michale Faw, Crimson Trace spokesperson in the story who added that people who buy his products “know that America’s become a little more dangerous place to be living, so concealed carry firearms are very popular. That’s what people are buying them for, self protection.”

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