A bakery in Austin, Texas has become the focus of a gun rights debate, ever since the shop had police escort a customer out who was violating the businesses “gun-free zone” status. Unfortunately for them, that customer was Robert Farago, the editor of the popular blog The Truth About Guns.

Farago wrote of the incident that he had forgotten to leave his Wilson Combat EDC X-9 pistol in his car and instead brought it into the bakery in a Kydex holster under his t-shirt, despite the sign on the door that prohibits open or concealed carry on the premises, according to this story on

“I was a regular customer. I’d just bought $30 worth of food. I was with an attractive young lady. I was dressed well. I was calm and polite to his staff. All the owner had to do: ask me to leave and/or disarm,” Farago wrote. “I suspect I’m persona non grata at Baguette et Chocolat as a result. Luckily, I’m now on the ketosis diet. Even so, it’s a grieving process; I’m in the depression phase. Or maybe it’s just the lack of carbs.”

Gov. Abbott could decide, during a special session of the state legislature, to hear a new bill that would allow permitless carry.

Chance for Constitutional Carry in Texas

Farago’s post about the incident led to a floor of negative one-start Facebook and Yelp reviews for the bakery “from gun rights activists” according to this story from

However, many customers of the bakery rallied behind the business for having Farago removed, adding a flood of positive online reviews.

Technically, if Farago’s pistol was visible at any time, he was breaking the state’s open carry law, which says businesses can opt out as long as they post proper signage, which Baguette et Chocolat did.

“We don’t want to deal with it,” owner Chi-minh Pham-dinh said in the Austin Eater story, when asked about the decision to close the Facebook page. “We just want to focus on our French bakery. Our patrons will make their own choice to come to our bakery or not.” According to Pham-dinh, they’ll take the page offline on Monday, September 25, so they have time to save their post and photo archives.

Maybe Farago should switch to ol’ Dunkin Donuts, or is that too mainstream for Austin?