Gun-Free Fair Robbed by Men With Guns

The Washington State Fair is one of the few places in The Evergreen State where the legal carrying of firearms is banned.

The fair rules specifically state that "weapons of any kind, including knives and all firearms" are not allowed. A group of criminals took notice of this gun-free zone and launched three different armed robberies of fair workers in less than 20 minutes on September 15, just after the fair closed.

One employee, Burt Strom, said he'd finished a 10-hour shift selling items and had collected $100 in cash.

"He pulled out a gun and he asked for it all, and so I gave him $100 and just walked away before he asked me for my phone or anything," Strom said in this story from

Eight minutes later, a mile away on the other side of the fairgrounds, two pairs of workers were also robbed at gunpoint. Police believe it was the same group who perpetrated all three robberies.

Griffin Stiffarm, 18, and a friend said they were shocked when they were confronted by a man with a gun.

"They demanded all of our stuff from us, so we gave them our backpack and some cash and then he pulled out a gun and demanded more. So we gave him another $100 and they ran off," Stiffarm said in this story

Authorities have beefed up police presence at the fair. "You always have to assume that these people mean harm, obviously, when they brandish a weapon. That should elevate everyone's awareness," said Capt. Ryan Portmann of the Puyallup Police Department.