If you’re still trying to find the perfect holiday gift for the gun-girl in your life, here are seven suggestions that will have her smiling.

Whether you’re looking for a main gift that will wow her, or a little something to stuff in her stocking, you’ll find something below. All are gun-related items that I use.


What gun girl wouldn’t love a box of ammo in her stocking? Whether it’s one box, or a new ammo can full of her favorite caliber, she’ll know you care about her personal protection. (And after all, brass is a precious metal, isn’t it?) Sneak a look in her range bag to find her preferred brand and caliber. The more she has, the more she can practice; the more she can practice, the safer she’ll be should she need to defend herself. Even if it’s just one box of 50 rounds in her stocking, she’ll appreciate it!

The Gun Girl Gift Guide
Federal’s Practice & Defend Combo Packs contain 100 rounds of inexpensive practice ammo that are ballistically matched to the 20 rounds of high-end self-defense ammo. mfg photo

If she’s just starting out shooting a handgun in order to learn how to defend herself, consider getting a box of Federal’s Practice & Defend.

These ammo packs contain 100 rounds of inexpensive practice ammo that are ballistically matched to the 20 rounds of high-end self-defense ammo that she’ll keep in her carry gun. It’s cheaper to practice with, and she’ll have the best stuff with her at all times. Practice & Defend packs are available in four calibers: .380 Auto ($80.95); 9mm Luger ($67.95); .40 S&W ($84.95); and .45 ACP ($96.95).

Belly Band Holster

Belly bands have become very popular among us ladies. Worn around the midsection, they’re super comfortable and offer several positions for her to carry your pistol. Because of their fit, she can conceal your pistol in a wide variety of outfits, including pants that don’t have a belt like yoga pants, leggings or running shorts.

The Gun Girl Gift Guide
The Crossbreed Modular Belly Band. author photo

Check out these three popular manufacturers: Dene Adams Corsets, CanCan Concealment, and CrossBreed Modular.

If you want comparisons, all are reviewed here.

The websites of all these makers have sizing instructions so you’ll be sure to get a great fit for her. (If you’re not sure about sizing, consider a gift certificate so she can choose the right one.) Prices range from $70 to $140.

Concealed Carry Purse

Women love purses. Get a purse that will also conceal her pistol and you’ll have found the perfect gift! I recently reviewed 11 different purses and purse inserts, and all of them were beautiful and functional.

The Gun Girl Gift Guide
The Designer Concealed Carry Uptown Tote. author photo

Good ones are available at pretty much every price point. If you know your lady loves the purse she already has, consider getting her a purse insert to hold her pistol safely and securely! Prices range from $50 to $340.

AimWell Laser Target System

This laser training system will allow her to improve her gun handling skills and marksmanship without going to the range. The system comes with three reactive targets, software you download into your computer, and either an AimWell laser pistol or an in-bore laser for your own pistol. It’s more fun than dry firing and the computer times your accuracy with four included drills.

The Gun Girl Gift Guide
The AimWell Laser Target System. author photo

The makers of AimWell are offering a 10 percent discount to Range 365 readers—use promo code Range365. You can read a review of the system here. Prices range from $499 to $599.

Ear Protection

While not exactly sexy, ear protection on the range is an absolute necessity. Take the opportunity of the holidays to upgrade what she’s wearing. Whether it’s a new, fancy pair of electronic muffs, or a new pair of passive muffs, her ears will be well protected. There are many colors and styles to choose from so you’ll be able to find something that matches her personal style.

I like the Howard Leight Impact Sport muffs; they’re at a good price point for an electronic earmuff and they work well. Electronic muffs amplify low decibel sounds such as conversations, but automatically block louder sounds such as gunfire. They allow you to hear people you are on the range with, but will protect your hearing from anything at a dangerous level. You can find them online for $40-$50.

The Gun Girl Gift Guide
A set of orange Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs. mfg photo

If muffs aren’t an option, take a look at the Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs which she can custom-mold to her ears using only hot water. They’re available in several colors. MSRP is $26.

Eye Protection

Protective glasses aren’t a luxury; they’re mandatory safety equipment. You can get a basic pair of safety glasses anywhere from the big box chains to the hardware store. As long as they meet ANSI standards, your eyes will be well protected at the range. However, I highly recommend picking up a pair for her that are dedicated shooting glasses.

These wrap-around models offer better protection for her beautiful eyes than regular safety glasses, which only guard against impacts from the front (and having a hot brass case fly right by your eye is quite an unsettling experience). My favorite set, the Ducks Unlimited Shooting Eyewear Kit, was a gift from my daughters.

The Gun Girl Gift Guide
The Ducks Unlimited Shooting Eyewear Kit. mfg photo

They come with five different easy-to-install lenses of various colors so you’re ready to shoot in any lighting condition, and they have anti-fog coatings, which work well. An included carrying case keeps them scratch free in your range bag. They’re a steal at $20-$30.


If you know she’s been fawning over a certain model, why not surprise her? You may not be able to buy one for her, as the National Shooting Sports Foundation points out,, but you can go put a deposit on one and take a picture of it to wrap up for her! Once she knows about it, take her to the gun store so she can fill out the appropriate forms and take legal possession of it. If you’re not sure what she’ll want or what will fit her hand best, a gift certificate to the gun store is perfect.

And if she needs help choosing one, she can check our 10 Best Handguns for Women story.

The Gun Girl Gift Guide
The Ruger LCR weighs less than a pound and carries comfortably—one of 10 handguns for women recommended here. mfg photo

And if your lady isn’t involved in the shooting sports but expressed some interest in learning, why not get her a shooting lesson as a gift? Find a local certified instructor who can teach her the fundamentals in a safe and fun way. Not sure where to start? The National Shooting Sports Foundation has a section of their website dedicated to guiding those who want to learn shooting.

The Well Armed Woman, an organization dedicated to women shooters, has chapters all over the country.

You also can ask for recommendations at your local gun range. Either way she’ll get a safe, friendly introduction to the sport by a trained professional who will know how to handle any issues she may have going into it—and she’ll have you to thank for it!