Seattle is perhaps one of the worst cities for gun rights in the nation. Earlier this year, the city imposed a tax on firearm and ammunition sales that was enough to drive the two remaining gun shops out of city limits.

Now, a Puget Sound area gun store is calling for firearm manufacturers to cease business with the City of Seattle, according to this story from In an open letter to dealers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of firearms and ammunition, Precise Shooter of Lynnwood is basically asking for a boycott and for businesses to stop supplying the city itself with guns and ammunition.

Precise Shooter is owned by Sergey Solayanik, who owned the last remaining gun shop in Seattle, and moved in in protest once the tax went into effect.

The purpose of the boycott, the story says, is to put pressure on city officials to repeal the tax that went into effect in January. Recently, the city has decided to destroy all police service weapons when they cycle out of the department, instead of reselling them, even to other departments.

“Seattle’s City Hall ‘innovations’ in gun control are very dangerous. Even though in the State of Washington we are protected by the state’s Preemption Clause, and eventually all their initiatives are bound to fail in court, there are other localities where gun owners—and gun dealers—might not be so lucky. And they are watching,” Solayanik said in a statement. “But you know what? It turns out, City of Seattle needs us, the firearms industry, more than we need them. We can fight back.”

The move to destroy the city’s service weapons is estimated to cost Seattle about $30,000 a year in lost revenue. According to the story, Precise Shooter alleges the city buys about 50 firearms a year to upgrade its arsenal.

The story says the city has not yet released any figures on how much its collected from the guns and ammo tax, though it can’t be much, since there are no longer any gun shops in the city.

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