Everyone has been put on high alert as the recent attacks in Paris have brought the constantly burning war against terrorism to the forefront of our minds. That has resulting in many Americans heading to the gun shop to buy a firearm, many of whom have never owned a gun before.

This story from reports that several states have seen an uptick in gun sales and applications for concealed-carry permits.

Fox News San Antonio says one gun shop has reported a 30 percent increase in sales since last week, and that their concealed-carry class attendance has doubled in the same time period.

This story from station WSFA in Montgomery reports that Alabama gun stores are seeing the same kind of increase. Russell Durling, who owns Last Resort Guns in Madison County, said the store was”busy right out of the box” following the attacks. “The truth of it is, when America is scared, America buys guns,” he told WSFA.

The Limestone, Alabama Sheriff’s Office reports its “biggest spike in permits” after the attacks on Friday.

This story from Birmingham’s provides more evidence that gun sales are increasing, with purchasers saying they are buying for self-protection.

The number of NICS checks processed by the FBI every month suggest that the past six months have set records for gun sales nationwide.