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Gun sales have been skyrocketing since the San Bernardino terrorist attacks and the subsequent calls for more gun control—and stock in gun companies is spiking as well.

According to this story from, companies like Sturm, Ruger and Smith & Wesson are setting records, with the latter posting quarterly sales of $143 million, up 32 percent from last year, according to CNN Money, and that doesn’t even include the period after last week’s attack. Ruger’s stock has climbed 66 percent in 2015.

The surge is seeing handguns, shotguns, and MSRs flying off shelves. It’s getting to the point where gun shop owners are worrying about stocks of firearms of all kinds drying up.

“…every gun shop in America is dipping from the same well that we are, calling their distributors like we are to buy more firearms because we’re selling out here shortly,” said Chris Roma, owner of At Ready Line in Ohio, according to Fox. “They’re going to be out of firearms.”

Roma told Fox that his shop sold 160 guns from Dec. 4 through Dec. 6.

This story from provides a rundown of gun sales reports from various news outlets throughout the country where the story is pretty much the same. People are buying up everything, especially MSRs, and signing up for firearms safety courses and/or concealed carry courses in waves.

A common reason among all the reports for why people are buying guns is that they don’t feel safe.

2015 has been a record setting year for gun sales already, with Black Friday breaking all-time records.