In this video series, firearms instructor Tom McHale examines how guns and their components work in super scientific ways…no he really does, with slow motion and everything.


You hear about knockdown power and see it taken to an extreme in the movies, but it has little to do with the “oopmf” of a given cartridge.

Testing the “Knockdown Power” of Handguns

Suppressors make shooting more enjoyable and safer, but what exactly is going on inside that can? Find out here.

How Suppressors Work

A squib can occur in any firearm and can result in a blown up gun and an injured shooter. Here’s what it is, how to recognize it, and what to do about it.

What Is a Squib Load?

It’s important to have a firm grip when shooting a semi-auto pistol so it cycles correctly, and that’s not some macho thing—it’s a matter of physics.

What a Limp Wrist Does to a Semi-Auto Handgun