iPhone Gun Case
All that sticks out of a pocket a purse is what appears to be a handgun grip when it’s nothing more than a phone.

No doubt you’ve heard or read something about the cell phone case, shaped like a gun, that’s upsetting law enforcement entities and some people on the east coast and throughout the Internet.

Police in New York are advising people not to buy the case, for the obvious reason that it could be mistaken for a real handgun. These photos, tweeted by the New York Police Department’s 112th Precinct, showed up on local news channels and Facebook news feeds everywhere yesterday evening.


A retired New Jersey State Trooper got the whole thing going with a Facebook post that was part of a movement by law enforcement and anti-gun advocates to ban the cases, which are sold on through a third-party distributor, according to this story on

The director of public affairs for the Ocean County (N.J.) Prosecutor’s Office, Al Della Fave, said, “It’s not a stretch to thing a police officer could think someone is pulling a gun on them. Most kids carry their phones in their back pockets. The only thing sticking out with these cases is the grip—typical draw position.”

Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato spread the story in his Facebook page, writing, “Please folks—this cell phone case is not a cool product or a good idea. A police officer’s job is hard enough, without having to make a split second decision in the dark of night when someone decides without thinking to pull this out while stopped for a motor vehicle violation. What do you think?”

The case comes with an app that produces an image on the phone’s screen that looks like a gun barrel and slide.

Though evidence has been sparse, this may be a case where shooters can agree with the anti-gun crowd.

The headline on this story reads: The Cell Phone Case That’s Not a Very Good Idea.

The story points out that the case can look pretty realistic when sticking out of a pocket or purse, especially at a cursory glance. Appearing as though you are armed, when you aren’t in fact armed, and shouldn’t be armed, is never a good idea for anyone.

The president of the NYPD Patrolman’s Benevolent Association, Patrick Lynch, compared the product to the Saturday Night Live skit from the 1970s called Consumer Probe, in which Dan Akroyd would showcase dangerous toys intended for children, like “Bag O’ Glass” and “Pretty Peggy’s Ear Piercing Kit.”

Plus, Gizmodo says the case is flimsy and breaks easily anyway, so another reason not to bother.

The case is made for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.