CornerShot’s product has a steel hinge and an an LED screen/camera system that allows a pistol to be aimed and fired around a corner, allowing users to shoot from complete cover without exposing themselves.

Any soldier or police officer who has had to navigate a corner during a tense situation knows how precarious corners can be—anyone who has played first-person shooter game also knows this. So why not give soldiers and police officers a gun they can use to see and even shoot around corners without exposing themselves? This is the idea that began CornerShot in the early 2000s, and the company has been thriving since.

The inventor, Amos Golan, is a former officer with the Israel Defense Forces. The company is headquartered in Israel but sells worldwide to militaries and police forces that might need to clear a building or fight in an urban area.

CornerShot was founded by a former officer with the Israel Defense Forces.

CornerShot’s product has a steel hinge that allows the gun’s frame to bend. The shooter sees around a corner via a high-resolution camera and LCD monitor. Some military models are even equipped with grenade launchers.

The CornerShot attaches to many popular pistols used by today’s military and police forces, including full-sized Glocks, Sig Sauers, and Berettas. According to the company, its LCD monitor allows a pistol fitted into CornerShot to be accurate out to about 80 yards.