When a gun shop owner in Columbia, Tennessee wanted to sponsor his kids’ Little League team, he was turned away simply because of his business’s logo, according to this story from

The story says Gabe Wren signed up his kids to play ball with the Lions Club and offered a check for sponsorship from Northside Gun Shop, his business.

“They said, ‘Thank you,’ and took the check and said I could sponsor a team,” Wren says in the story. “Then I was notified as of today that my logo, because it displays a gun, that it wasn’t going to be appropriate and it may offend people.”

The logo, shown in this report from Nashville’s Fox 17 News, is a circular patch with the outline of the state of Tennessee in the center and the silhouette of what looks like an M4 rifle superimposed over it revealing red, blue, and white stars with the shop’s name above and below.

Gun Shop's Little League Sponsorship Denied
The shop’s logo, which the Lions Club said could not appear on their team jerseys. photo from facebook

Wren said the Lions Club, in general, isn’t anti-gun and that most members support gun rights. The sponsorship coordinator even came into Wren’s shop to further explain their stance.

“But they’re worried about offending someone or causing a problem with parents making a mountain out of a mole hill,” Wren said in the Fox story. The club said he could alter the logo so it could be displayed on team jerseys without the silhouette of a firearm, but he refused.

“It’s a gun on a shirt. That gun can’t jump off a shirt to kill anybody,” Wren said in the story. “I am not going to deface my logo to put it on their jersey to fit some sort of breed of tolerance that they feel needs to happen.”

But it doesn’t all end badly for Wren. The story says another team said they would proudly display the gun shop’s logo, so Wren plans to sponsor that team instead. Those lucky kids will have the coolest jerseys in the league.

To watch the full report from Fox, go here.