When it comes to gun storage, the two most familiar methods people think of are traditional safes and glass-front, wooden cabinets. There’s nothing wrong with those options. A safe provides an extra layer of protection for your guns. A wooden display cabinet (probably similar to what your granddad had) is a great way to show off your collection. But what if you’re looking to hide just one or two firearms and some extra ammo? The purpose here is not to protect or show off the guns, but to protect you and your family. In this care, here’s some ideas that will allow you to hide your firearms in an accessible and expedient manner – out of sight, but not out of mind.

Tactical Walls


There are two things you should know at any given moment: the time, and the location of the nearest gun (even if there’s one on your body). With this clock from TacticalWalls, you can do both. Featuring a 22″ diameter face, this clock will definitely be a statement piece in whatever room you place it. (Feel free to use that decor angle when pitching the idea to your significant other.)

Hidden behind the face is a 10”x14”x3.5” internal storage space. This makes it the perfect size for a handgun (or two), some extra magazines, a flashlight, and more – it’s designed to hold up to 10 pounds of gear.

You can choose your clock body style, number style, or even upload your own custom artwork for the face. Clocks start at $129.

Liberty Home Concealment


Being able to see your target on the range is important. Being able to see an intruder in your home is essential. The tactical lamps from Liberty Home Concealment and TacticalWalls (among others) are a great option for accomplishing the latter.

Sure, any old lamp can light up your house, but tactical lamps have your back. Unlike what you see in countless movies, you won’t have to bash this lamp over an intruder’s head in order to try and stop the threat. Instead, simply open up the hidden compartment and draw your weapon. Now you’re protected and you can clearly see your surroundings because you didn’t have to destroy your lamp while attempting to save your own life. You could even stash a flashlight in there because, well, “two is one…”

Prices vary by style and retailer, but hover around $100.

Tactical Walls


“If you have an issue, here’s a tissue.”

Make no mistake: reaching for a tissue from this box isn’t a sign of weakness. Instead, it’s a show of force. The actual tissue box shell of this product easily lifts off of the base to reveal a compartment that is perfectly sized to hold a handgun and an extra magazine.

One of the nice things about this home concealment option is its size. Lightweight with a small footprint, moving a tactical tissue box from one room to another is easy, plus it’s unobtrusive on a coffee table or night stand. A table, lamp, mirror, or a clock might provide more storage space, but they aren’t nearly as easy to transport as this box of tissues. Tactical Walls sells what they call an “Issue Box” for $49.

Liberty Home Concealment


A table with built-in concealment is one of the most familiar pieces of storage furniture on the market today. Options range from small nightstands to large, full-size coffee tables and everything in between. The nightstand option is perfect for holding a handgun to protect you and your family from the unexpected bump in the night. It is perfectly sized for a gun, extra magazine, and a flashlight.

The coffee table option is perfect for an unexpected break-in during family movie night. Retrieving one or more handguns, rifles, and/or shotguns is a breeze with the large storage capacity in one of the larger tables. It’s always nice to have options, and a bigger table affords this.

Prices vary depending on the maker and the size, but expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars on a quality concealment table.

Liberty Home Concealment


Few people expect grandma to be armed. Fewer still would ever guess that grandma’s quilt rack is packing iron. I certainly didn’t see it coming until I saw this quilt (and gun) rack from Liberty Home Concealment.

Designed to be hung on the wall, a panel above the quilt bar opens to reveal something a bit more comforting than your favorite quilt: your favorite home defense firearm. The panel opens with ease and access is not inhibited by the quilts hanging off of it.

Grab a warm blanket from the rack and settle in on the couch for a movie, knowing that you’re well protected should something happen. A shotgun is the last thing an intruder is expecting when you head over to the quilt rack!

Internal dimensions of 37.5″x11.5″ provide you plenty of room to store a rifle, shotgun, or multiple handguns. The rack is available in 11 different color options and costs $299.

For More than Just One Gun

SecureIt Armory Kit


When you’ve got too many guns to keep in a safe, you might opt to have a safe room. If that sounds like you, then the Armory Kit from SecureIt is just what you’re looking for.

SecureIt’s unique storage panels mount to the walls of your safe room, covering 74-square-feet in this particular kit. Then, using their CradleGrid technology, you can create a custom layout that fits your storage needs. The system can hold up to 60 guns in addition to countless other small items – mags, flashlights, first aid kits, MREs – in a variety of magazine holders and storage bins.

Further protect and disguise your safe room by hiding the vault door behind a moveable bookcase.

This particular Armory Kit costs $2,999.

American Furniture Classics


Should the need arise, you want to have easy access to your firearms. Your wife wants to show off her great-grandma’s china and she doesn’t want your guns interfering with the room’s ambiance. If that’s the case if your house, then perhaps a curio cabinet with a hidden compartment is right for you.

The public-facing portion of the cabinet features built-in lighting to highlight the items stored within on the adjustable, tempered glass shelves. Tucked away discreetly behind the false back wall of the cabinet is a sliding compartment that opens to reveal storage of up to five rifles or shotguns. It’s doubtful that the average observer would notice the small door on the side, or that the shelves aren’t as deep as the cabinet appears to be.

There’s even a small compartment at the bottom of the cabinet that is perfect for holding extra boxes of ammo. Pricing varies based on the exact configuration you choose, but expect to spend around $500 on something like this.

Liberty Home Concealment


Hidden compartment artwork is nothing new. We’ve all seen movies and TV shows with safes hidden behind paintings. As such, using a piece of purpose-built wall art for storage and concealment of your firearms is probably more conspicuous than you think. Nonetheless, it’s still a very popular and viable option for concealment.

Options for wall art include picture frames, inspirational quote boards, pop culture references, flags, and more. Basically, the sky’s the limit when it comes to this method of concealment. There are dozens of companies producing hundreds (if not thousands) of different varieties of this product. As such, prices will vary depending on the size and the type of art. As a safe bet, expect to spend at least $150 on a product like this.

Safety tip: If you want to make the burglars work extra hard to find your hidden stash, hang as much stuff as possible on your walls. If your decorating style resembles that of an 18th century French salon, then they’ll be checking behind dozens of frames before they come across the special one!

Covert Concepts


Covert Concepts makes a wide variety of concealment options. Most are items we’ve covered here, but they also offer hidden doors in walls (to go with your SecureIt safe room, discussed above) and something I’d never seen before: a tactical mantle. Compartments on either side and above the fireplace open to reveal hidden storage locations.

The horizontal space is perfect for quick access to a long gun or multiple handguns. The vertical side spaces could easily hold extra ammo boxes or other life saving equipment.

The tactical mantle is a custom order piece from Covert Concepts, which means it won’t be cheap. However, if you’re looking for the most inconspicuous home storage option I’ve ever seen, my money is on this product!

Go Magnets


Sometimes spending money on a purpose-built piece of concealment furniture just isn’t in the budget. That’s where Go-Magnets can help. These magnets are small but mighty, capable of holding up to 15 pounds. I tested this theory by using one magnet to hold my AR15 to my safe door; it never budged, even when I opened and closed it.

Covered in a no-slip, no-scratch material, the magnets can be put on any painted surface without fear of scratching the finish. They also feature two reinforced grommets for permanently attaching the magnet to a nonmetal surface. If you’d prefer not to have the magnet stuck in one place, they offer a variety of mounting plates for nonmetal surfaces, such as inside your glove compartment, under your desk in the home office, or even under the dash of your car. They sell small, plain metal plates and large, coated plates that can even have custom artwork engraved on them.

Magnets start at $13.99 and go up from there based on the number of magnets and mounting plates you choose to buy. A variety of money-saving bundles are offered.


Bonus: Fridges and Filing Cabinets

If you’re on a budget, sometimes you have to think outside the box. An old mini fridge makes a great storage cabinet for ammunition and accessories. Some even come with a built-in lock or can be easily padlocked. Imagine what you can fit in a full-sized fridge.

After wrapping up the 10 items above, I realized that one of the most inventive (and amusing) concealment products I’d ever seen wasn’t on the list. That’s because it isn’t something you’d buy from a company that specializes in these products.

Instead, this is something you could probably pick up on the curb on trash day: an old refrigerator. One of my favorite pictures floating around the internet about covert storage is of the old fridge that someone repurposed. I’ve seen both full-size fridges used to stock an assortment of long guns and I’ve seen mini-fridges used to hold spare mags and other important small items.

The cost for something like this varies greatly, depending upon your garage sale negotiation skills or your willingness to go dumpster diving. Plus, lots of mini fridges include integrated locks (if the previous owner kept the key in the little freezer compartment like all sane people) or it’s pretty easy to install a latch and a padlock.

If you ever have a chance to pick up a filing cabinet for cheap or free, do it. They're great for storing ammo and accessories.
If you ever have a chance to pick up a filing cabinet for cheap or free, do it. They’re great for storing ammo and accessories. Office Depot

And if you ever see a used filing cabinet for sale or on the curb headed for the dump, don’t hesitate to pick it up. Since they’re constructed to hold lots and lots of paper, which is pretty darn heavy, they’re really robust and a great way to store and organize ammunition, magazines, accessories, optics, or pretty much anything gun-related you want. Plus, you can add latches and padlocks pretty easily, making them a good way to store handguns.

Even if the cabinet is rusty from a life lived in someone’s shed, it doesn’t take much effort to sand it down and apply a coat of spray paint.