type 3 malfunction training Dummy Rounds
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type 3 malfunction training Dummy Rounds
The T3MT training round has a pronounced lip that catches when the dummy round feeds, causing a Type 3 Malfunction for training purposes. Custom Tactical Services

Finally, there’s a way to train to clear a Type 3 malfunction in a handgun without faking it.

When the rhythmic click-back, click-bang at the range stops with a click and no bang, you look at your ejection port and see the breech isn’t closed and there’s a mess of brass in there—that’s a double-feed, otherwise known as a Type 3 Malfunction.

It’s fairly uncommon, and occurs when the empty cartridge from your last shot isn’t properly ejected, and the nose of the next round jambs it as it’s being fed from the magazine into the gun.

Up until now, it’s a malfunction that has been extremely difficult to create artificially in a training environment so shooters can prepare for how to clear one if it should ever happen.


What makes the T3MT rounds different than a standard Snap Cap or dummy round is the double rim integrated into the cartridge.

This rim catches as the round begins to feed from the magazine, creating a double feed. No click, no bang.

Now you’ve got to clear it. The normal “tap, rack, bang” isn’t going to work on a Type 3.

You will have to drop the magazine and rack the slide to clear the rounds (which you’ll likely have to do more than once) until the chamber is clear. If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to lock the slide back and manually removed the jammed casing or round. When the the chamber is clear, reinsert the magazine, rack again, and then pull the trigger. And here’s the important part: all this MUST be done with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times.

Up until now, this only could be simulated by using a dummy round and pretending it was a Type 3 malfunction when that round didn’t eject. The problem with this method is a dummy round will simply and easily be ejected when you rack the slide after it doesn’t fire. A Type 3 malfunction will not be so easy to clear.


From the manufacturer:

The T3MT can be inserted into your magazine in a random position, so you or the person being trained won’t be certain exactly when the malfunction will occur.

Your gun will shoot normally, until you get to the T3MT. At that point, it will jam, simulating a Type 3 malfunction. This is a great teaching tool when working with students, or training on your own. Coupled with regular dummy rounds, you’ll get realistic experience on identifying and clearing any malfunction you may come across.

Being able to identify why your firearm has malfunctioned and instinctively knowing how to clear it safely and efficiently is essential too good and safe shooting.

The T3MT is available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .223 / 5.56

MSRP: $17.95