If you ever had insomnia back when 24/7 on-demand video didn’t exist, chances are you found yourself resorting to watching, through bleary red eyes, infomercials for knives sold by a very excited gentleman with a southern accent and a table of shiny folders and ridiculously large bowie knives. Though you may have stared at them for an hour or so, you never ran to the phone to order that lot of “37 SUPER UNIQUE ELEGANT FOLDERS.”

But what if they were selling guns?

Prepare yourselves, because Gun TV, “Live Shopping, Fully Loaded,” officially launched at 10.p.m. on Thursday. It’s a televised home shopping network that will sell firearms, ammunition, and hunting accessories, very similar to “traditional” home shopping channels like QVC and HSN.

This story from says the network “will broadcast in-depth product demonstrations and provide detailed product information.”

This story from says the channel is being billed as iTunes for firearms.

Gun TV is owned by the Social Responsibility Network, “which prides itself on informing firearm enthusiasts through a live TV platform, and is partnered with Sports South, ‘the country’s oldest and largest single-source distributor of firearms and ammunition.’”

At the start, Gun TV will air seven days a week from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m., a ripe time slot for you insomniacs out there. Intentions are to expand the coverage to 24/7 by the end of the year.

This is how it will work: viewers can order a firearm through a special phone line, and it will be shipped to a local Sports South licensed dealer for collection, where the customer will complete all necessary paperwork and background checks.

The story says the channel will feature hosts with diverse gun-handling backgrounds, ranging from mounted cowboy shooters and Olympic-level shooters and certified NRA instructors.

Gun TV has been picked up by Verizon Fios and other providers, so see if your cable company offers it. The Desert Sun story says Time Warner Cable will not be carrying the channel.

“We are very excited to bring our new concept of shopping for firearms and accessories to live television,” said Valerie Castle who founded the channel with Doug Bornstein. “Our unique platform allows industry manufacturers to showcase products through our talented and experienced on-air hosts. Viewers will receive in-depth, entertaining product demonstrations, and see the products in action, an important component of the purchasing decision.”