For the first time since the Civil War, Alabama is the home to major gun manufacturing, along with several other states in what this story from is calling a Southern surge.

“We call it the firearm corridor,” said Larry Barnett, owner of Larry’s Pistol & Pawn, referring to North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

In fact, an extremely popular CCW firearm we’ve reviewed in the past, the Remington RM380 pocket pistol, is built right in the Yellowhammer state. The first run in the Huntsville plant included the shape of the state etched into the barrel and the words “Alabama Inaugural Product.”

As we’ve reported, Beretta recently moved its American headquarters from Maryland to Tennessee, with the ribbon-cutting in Nashville held this past spring. The move was in response to Maryland’s increasingly tight gun laws that banned some of the company’s popular products already.

But the Italy-based company isn’t the only one splitting the old hubs of gun making. Kahr Arms left New York for Pennsylvania. Magpul, a magazine and firearm accessory company, left Colorado for Texas and Wyoming.

“Moving operations to states that support our culture of individual liberties and personal responsibility is important,” said Magpul CEO Richard Fitzpatrick in 2014, the story says.

PTR Industries left Connecticut for South Carolina. Remington has operations in North Carolina and Ruger opened a new plant in North Carolina, not to mention Steyr Arms’ new showroom and distribution center in Bessemer. And, of course, the big one—Remington celebrated the announcement of its new manufacturing plant in Huntsville in 2014, and began shutting down older plants in the rest of the country and shipping those jobs to Alabama, the story says.

The story says there are three distinct firearms produced at the Huntsville plant at the moment: the 1911 R1 handgun, mostly in .45 ACP but also in 9mm; Remington’s AR-platform rifles, including the Bushmaster modern sporting rifle and the DPMS modern sporting rifle, plus the Remington models; and, as mentioned earlier, the RM380.

The company also makes suppressors and some shotguns in Huntsville, and there are plans to make the R51 pistol, which was introduced in 2014. The company could move manufacturing of six other makes of rifle from Mayfield to Huntsville, according to Big Green spokesperson Jessica Kallam. Those guns would be the Remington 783, 770, and 597 along with the Marlin 60, 795, and XT. (Remington manufactures Marlin firearms).

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The story includes some interesting stats about Alabamans themselves. For instance, 1 in 8 adults in the state has a concealed carry permit.