Guns of Breaking Bad Part 2

This tour of the guns favored by each character in the hit AMC series will have you cuing up S1E1 on Netflix.


reaking Bad shattered viewership records throughout its five-season run. Producer Vince Gilligan, who was also the brains behind The X-Files, propelled the series to critical acclaim, winning 16 Emmys, two Golden Globes, and a host of others. The New Mexico desert provides a perfect backdrop for this innovative take on the classic Western, complete with enough firepower to do the genre justice. Here we take a look at the guns favored by each character on the show: For Part 1 of The Guns of Breaking Bad, go here Tuco Salamanca

tuco salamanca breaking bad
Tuco with his full-auto from

At the end of Season 1 we are introduced toTuco Salamanca, a meth-dealing madman and member of a Mexican Cartel. Tuco becomes a distributor for Walt’s high-grade meth and the first to sell his signature Blue Sky product, though the short relationship is tenuous at best. To say he’s trigger happy is a bit of an understatement. Tuco has a tendency to get high on his own supply a little too much.

tuco salamanca breaking bad jericho
Tuco emphasizes the gravity of the situation with his from

As a sidearm, Tuco carries a two-tone Jericho 941, manufactured by Israeli Military Industries/Israeli Weapons Industries (IMI/IWI).

This pistol is sometimes called the “Baby Eagle,” a moniker given to it by Magnum Research, the same company that imports the Desert Eagle in .50 AE.

Despite that name, it is actually a variant of the CZ-75, and has been chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and the now-defunct .41 AE throughout its manufacture.

tuco salamanca breaking bad m4a1
Here we see an ACOG optic mounted to the carry handle of Tuco’s from

Like many federal agencies and our military, Tuco shows a preference for the M4A1 Carbine. He also uses it for “hunting,” which looks an awful lot just throwing lead into the desert. Sometimes the M4 is seen equipped with an ACOG sight mounted on its carry handle.

Negro Y Azul

negro y azul narco band breaking bad
Singers perform a narcocorrido, a kind of a folksong usually about outlaws and their deeds, about Walter White's alter ego, Heisenberg.Fandom Wikia

In the world of the cartels, nothing says ‘you’ve made it’ quite like having your very own narcocorrido, or narco ballad.

These folksongs tell the tales of those that seek money and power through illicit means, often graphically illustrating the lives of murderers and drug wars. By the seventh episode of the second season, Walt’s alter ego Heisenberg has emerged, with enough street cred to warrant his own song. Negro Y Azul is a song about “a gringo boss” that dares to disrespect the cartel by cornering the market with a superior product.

As the song goes: “That homie’s already dead, he just doesn’t know it yet.” The music video features a dazzling array of full-auto goodies, as seen below.

smith and wesson 686 heisenberg breaking bad
A Smith & Wesson 686 lies next to a bag of Heisenberg’s signature blue from
guns from breaking bad
A Heckler & Koch MP5K, FN P90, M4, Uzi, Micro Uzi, MAC-10, and a Heckler & Koch from
m4 and ak47 breaking bad
An M4 and an AK 47 lean against a tire. The off-color furniture, plastic appearance of the receiver, and the two screws seemingly holding the gun together reveal the AK 47 as an airsoft from

Tomás Cantillo

An exceedingly unfortunate part of the drug trade, sometimes juveniles are used in nefarious business because the penalties for their indiscretions are less due to their young age. Tomás Cantillo is one such pint-sized drug dealer and hit man, whose first murder was the killing of Jesse's friend, Combo.

tomas cantillo breaking bad
A small boy with a small pistol. This is actuall non-gun prop that only makes a from

Here we see young Tomás pull off a hit with what appears to be a compact pocket pistol, but on closer examination we see that it’s a Non-Gun, an electronically operated prop weapon manufactured by Independent Studio Services that discharges small explosive squibs that make a flash and produce smoke. These are used in many productions on the big and small screen when it is deemed that blanks are too dangerous because of the proximity to actors or other safety reasons, like the actor handling it being a kid. Some Non-Guns look better than others. This one actually looks pretty bad, but during the episode, the audience is mostly focused on Tomás' face.

The Cousins

the cousins breaking bad
Tuco's cousins as they "take care" of the other passengers in the coyote's truck...and the coyote from

These two assassins are brothers, and cousins to deceased drug dealing maniac Tuco Salamanca. After Tuco’s is killed by Hank, the pair make their way up from Mexico to avenge him, leaving a trail of destruction on their way to find Walter White.

They are sociopaths, going about their murderous agenda without showing an ounce of emotion, except for the occasional flash of anger. The fact that they barely speak in Spanish or English adds to the whole Terminator vibe.

the cousins breaking bad colt gold cup national match
The cousins both carry a Colt Gold Cup National Match Enhanced from

The cousins both carry a Colt Gold Cup National Match Enhanced 1911; one with an ivory grip, the other, black.

A customized factory version of the Series 70 and Series 80 M1911A1, the pistol was tuned for competition use. Custom additions include an Elliason adjustable rear sight, skeletonized trigger with undercut trigger guard, and an enlarged grip safety.

the cousins breaking bad
A full-auto from

The Cousins pay an arms dealer a visit to get themselves some bulletproof vests on their tour of destruction. The overly talkative dealer is stocked with M4s, TEC-9s, and MAC-10s. It's the free hollowpoint cartridge that the dealer gives to one brother that is ultimately what saves Hank's life later on.

Mike Ehrmantraut

mike ehrmantaut breaking bad
Mike Ehrmantraut with his from

Mike Ehrmantraut is the consummate fixer. A former semi-dirty cop, he is well versed in both sides of the law. He has made his way up to the highest echelons of the criminal underworld, becoming the right-hand man and enforcer of Gus Fring, the largest meth distributor in the series, until Walt takes that title.

Though he is busy with the distribution and production ring, he still finds time to act as a private investigator and cleaner for Walt’s lawyer, Saul Goodman.

mike ehrmantraut breaking bad
Mike cleaning up a mess with a suppressed H&K Mark 23 .45 ACP from

Mike is a pro. One of his tools of choice is a Heckler & Koch Mark 23 outfitted with a can. The suppressor is fake, attaching to the pistol via the blank adapter instead of external threads. Of course, in the show the report is muffled to that of suppressed .22 and not the dulled thunder of a suppressed .45 ACP. Still, Mike is surgical with the pistol in one of the most memorable displays of violence on the show.

cartel gunmen breaking bad
Cartel gunmen open from

The fourth episode of the second season is named "Bullet Points." This is because the cartel decides to get its point across using bullets. Two gunmen thoroughly ventilate a refrigerated truck with another Heckler & Koch firearm, the full auto MP5K 9mm submachine gun.

cartel breaking bad mp5k close up
A close up the H&K MP5K being from
mike ehrmantaut breaking bad
Mike guards a shipment in a refrigerated truck with his Mark from

We see the H&K Mark 23 again in "Bullet Points," this time Mike is using it to defend a shipment in a refrigerated truck. Mike stays cool, calm, and collected while the cartel shoots up the truck. After the tremendous waste of lead, he takes care of the assassins with a couple well-placed shots.

The Mark 23 is the civilian-market version of the .45 ACP MK 23 MOD 0, which was developed for and used by USSOCOM operators in 1996. The MK23 came paired with a laser aiming module (LAM), and a suppressor.

mike ehrmantaut breaking bad taurus revolver
Mike threatens Walt with a Taurus from

Like all older cops, Mike has a snub-nose .38. In his case. His is a Taurus 85 in stainless—a five-shot affair with a two-inch barrel. He lends Jesse the pistol for a meeting with the cartel in "Problem Dog" in the fourth season. Personally, I’m surprised that he doesn’t carry an 851, which is a similar model with a bobbed hammer for easier concealment.

mike ehrmantaut breaking bad beretta
Mike makes sure his words are taken from

Mike is also apparently comfortable around Berettas as well, as seen here with this silver 92FS. He carries the gun off and on throughout the entire series. As you likely know, the 92-series was first designed in 1972 and has been issued to our service men and women since 1985. But the matte stainless finish that is the hallmark of the Inox (short for inoxidizable) model, was first offered in 1990.

In the final season, Mike finds himself utilizing another Beretta. This one is an older design: an 84F from the “Cheetah” family. The 84F holds 13 rounds of .380 in its double stack magazine and the 3.75-inch barrel means it’s not too unwieldy when outfitted with a suppressor.

bag of money breaking bad
A bag of money and a Taurus from

Mike seems to have ditched the Taurus 85 he carried earlier in the series, switching it out for a Taurus Model 605. This wheelgun is chambered in .357 Magnum and holds five rounds in the cylinder.

This is the gun Mike keeps in a brown holster in his go bag that ends up in his car's trunk, stranded in the airport parking lot while he runs from the cops. Walt retrieves the bag for him, and that Taurus revolver winds up being Mike's undoing.

mike ehrmantaut breaking bad
Mike does some spring from

But before that, we see that Mike usually has a number of firearms on hand if needed. We see him do some cleaning up when the heat is on. He drives out to an isolate spot in the desert and throws a number of firearms into an abandoned well; including a Colt Woodsman pistol, a Mossberg 500 shotgun, and an AK-47 rifle, which appears to be an airsoft replica.


gaff breaking bad
Gaff with his Remington from

Gaff seems to be in charge of the cartel’s operations in New Mexico. He wears many hats, but primarily acts as an enforcer and hit man. He replaces Tuco Salamanca, though he is decidedly more sane.

In one of the most memorable scenes in the series, Gaff assaults Gus Fring's men, killing one and nearly shooting Jesse. Fring walks into the sniper's fire, knowing he has been ordered not to kill him, in a display of utter bad-assery.

gaff remington 700 breaking bad
A Remington 700 with bipod, detachable magazine, and Barrett BORS-equipped scope from

During the shooting, Gaff uses what looks to be a Remington 700 bolt action rifle with a detachable magazine, likely from Badger Ordinance. The forend is equipped with a Harris bipod, and the scope wears a Barrett BORS ballistic computer.

The White Supremacists

What would a story about meth production taking place in the U.S. be without some interaction with a white supremacist gang? Desperate for muscle after the elimination of their former boss, Walt, Jesse, and crew get hooked up with one such gang in the final season via Todd, who was brought in by Mike as part of the extermination company cover and then as an extra hand in the train heist. Of course, the group has quite the stockpile of arms.

todd alquist breaking bad
Todd kills an unfortunate from

Todd Alquist worked as a methamphetamine cook for his uncle’s white supremacist group, trying to replicate what he learned from Walt and Jesse.

He starts to work with Walt and their crew, helping pull off a train robbery in which they obtain a large quantity of an important chemical needed to create meth. He also murders a child that happens upon the robbery, using a Smith & Wesson 5906SW, showing us proof of his true character. The full-sized, double/single action 5906 was once popular with police forces—including the Canadian Royal Mounted Police—until the lighter Glock replaced it.

jack welker jesse pinkman breaking bad
Jack threatens Jesse with a Browning from

Jack Welker, Todd’s uncle, is the ex-con leader of the white supremacists. Walt first meets Jack when he uses him to organize his simultaneous killing of a number of witnesses in prison after Gus Fring's murder.

His pistol of choice seems to be a 9mm Browning Hi-Power. The Hi-Power is one of the most widely adopted military pistols of all time, having been utilized by the armies of some 50 countries, perhaps because the 13-round capacity was nearly double that of it’s competitors. After 82 years of continuous production, the Hi-Power was unfortunately discontinued in 2017.

todd alquist ruger kp95
Todd awkwardly firing a Ruger from

Having ditched the S&W he used to take out the kid earlier, Todd later carries a Ruger KP95, which we se when Walt calls him and his uncle's men to the desert when he's cornered by Hank and Gomez.

The Ruger P-series pistols use a locking system similar to Sig P220, with a tilting barrel reminiscent of a 1911. Most models have an ambidextrous manual safety/decocker, and nearly all of the internals are stainless steel.

gun cache breaking bad
A whole lotta from

Did I mention a cache of weapons? When Walt summons them, we see the group’s hideout for the first time and their large locker filled with a wide variety of long guns. These include an M16A2, a Mossberg 500, a full-auto AA-12 shotgun, and even a Browning Automatic Rifle.

breaking bad guns shoot out
The calm before the from

In the shoot out in "To'hajiilee," we see what appears to be a pair of M4A1s. One has the standard carry handle/iron sights, but the other appears to only have a folding back-up iron sight. An AA-12 is also visible.

breaking bad 32-round drum AA-12
Here you can clearly see the 32-round drum magazine on the AA-12. A BAR is also visible in the from

Hollywood loves the AA-12. And why not? The 32-round drum magazine certainly makes a big impression on-screen, though it can be fed from a 20-round drum or 8-shot box mag as well. The shotgun fires full-auto only, with a rate of 300 rounds per minute. This is slow enough that single shots can be accomplished by only briefly depressing the trigger.

A semi-auto version for civilian purchase was recently announced.

breaking bad browning automatic rifle
One of the white supremacists steadies a BAR against a truck from

The Browning Automatic Rifle, or BAR as it is commonly known, first saw military service in World War I. It was used extensively in World War II, as well as Korea. It was primarily chambered in .30-06 Springfield, though we supplied our allies with versions in .303 British and 7.92x57 Mauser. The one seen here is almost certainly a .30-06 model.