With the first Deadpool, Marvel proved that the R-rated comic book movie could be a profitable thing, and that audiences were craving more grown-up fare when it comes to superhero movies.

The movie was an instant success and was guaranteed a sequel almost at release. And here we are! Mr. Pool is back with all the supporting characters that added humor to the original, plus some new characters, including the first ever big screen depiction of Cable, played by Josh Brolin.

In the comics, Cable, otherwise known as Nathan Summers, is the biological son of Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Madelyne Pryor (the clone of Jean Grey). He is a time traveler who comes from a possible future timeline, having been transported as an infant to the future, where he grew into a warrior, before returning to the present. He also has a really cool gun cobbled together from his various stops in the space time continuum, but we’ll get to that…

Deadpool – Wade Wilson

IWI Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Deadpool is back with his twin Desert Eagle Mark XIX pistols in .50 AE
Deadpool is back with his twin Desert Eagle Mark XIX pistols in .50 AE. We can tell these are the .50-caliber versions instead of the .44 Magnum Deagles because the heavy barrels aren’t fluted. At one pint during the convoy scene, Cable takes one of Pool’s pistols and tries to shoot him with it. photo from
Deadpool carries his twin Desert Eagle XIX pistols in a double thigh holster rig. Each of those guns weighs over 4.5 pounds EMPTY, so that's one serious gunbelt.
Deadpool carries his twin Desert Eagle XIX pistols in a double thigh holster rig. Each of those guns weighs over 4.5 pounds EMPTY, so that’s one serious gunbelt. photo from


Walther PPQ Q5 Competition

Walther PPQ Q5
Cable’s (Josh Brolin) pistol looks to be made from a Walther PPQ Q5 Competition. Toward the end of the movie, Cable duel weilds these pistols during the final shootout against the Essex attendants after his BFG gets destroyed. The Walthers look like they’ve had some additional porting added to the slide near the muzzle. photo from

Cable’s BFG

Cable’s signature wepaon, the BFG, is an unholy amalgamation of firearm parts taken from various points in history that the time-hopping character has visited. The parts include a KRISS Vector submachine gun as a base firearm, 30-round Glock magazine, an M203 40mm grenade launcher, the stock from a Thompson submachine gun, a knob from an amplifier that goes up to 11, a variable 3-9×32 scope with LAM topped with a 45-degree rail mount and a micro red-dot sight, a fluted barrel with a Barrett M82 muzzle brake, a custom AR-style handguard, and a side-mounted XM203 launcher. photo from

Blind Al

Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol

Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket
“Blind Al” (Leslie Uggams) is seen pulling the Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket pistol with pearl grips that was given to her in the original film, while Pool pulls one of his Desert Eagles. photo from


Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1

Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1 pistol.
Weasel (T.J. Miller) is seen pulling the double-barreled Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1 pistol. The gun is basically a left-handed and conventional 1911 sandwiched together. It has two magazines, two barrels, and two ejection ports, but one really wide trigger and a wide hammer. The gun, which many view as a novelty, sells for between $4,000 and $8,000, depending on options, and is chambered in .45 ACP or .38 Super. photo from


Beretta 92FS (Two-Tone Gold)

Gold-plated Beretta 92FS
Domino (Zazie Beetz) carries what appears to be a two-tone gold-plated Beretta 92FS as her sidearm. The slide and frame look to be a light shade of gold while the barrel, recoils spring guide rod, trigger, and hammer are black. photo from

Armscor BXP

Armscor BXP submachine gun
Domino also carries what appears to be an Armscor BXP submachine gun that has been customized with a two-tone finish and a bayonet. She later uses two of these SMGs at the same time. The BXP is a 9mm submachine gun developed in the mid-1980s (can you tell?) by the South African company, Milkor Ltd. Due to international arms embargoes against South Africa due to apartheid, the country was forced to design and manufacture its own firearms. The BXP was intended for use by security forces. photo from

Essex School Attendees

Mossberg 500

Mossberg 500
The Mossberg 500 shotgun with a field barrel is one of the shotguns used by the attendants of the Essex School. Deadpool briefly uses this shotgun, which he optains after killing one of the Essex attendants with a brick, when his Desert Eagles run dry. photo from