enzel Washington has had a distinguished career since he started acting in the late 1970s. He’s been in just about every kind of movie you can imagine: rom-com, historical fiction, biopic, action, thriller, sci-fi, high drama, and Shakespeare. He’s won two Academy Awards and has been nominated for 166 other awards over the years. Going through his extensive filmography, I was surprised to find how many movies involved Washington using a firearm on screen. While he's done his share of straight up action movies, he often seems to wind up with a gun at some point no matter what kind of film it is. We’ve gathered them all here. Take a tour of this great actor’s career via the guns he’s used while in character.

denzel washington
See the Guns of A Soldier's Story, Glory, The Mighty Quinn, Ricochet, Malcolm X, The Pelican Brief »imfdb.org
denzel washington
See the Guns of Virtuosity, Courage Under Fire, Fallen, The Siege, Training Day »imfdb.org
denzel washington aiming gun
See the Guns of John Q, Out of Time, The Manchurian Candidate, Man on Fire, Deja Vu, American Gangster, Taking of Pelham 123 »imfdb.org

Denzel's Movie Guns: Part 4

denzel washington holding gun
See the Guns of The Book of Eli, Flight, Safe House, 2 Guns, The Equalizer, The Magnificent Seven, The Equalizer 2 »imfdb.org