If you haven’t seen the trailer for “Hardcore Henry” yet (no, it’s not the new top video on PornHub), you should take a look. Your initial reaction to the upcoming R-rated action event movie will be either intense quakes of “I need to see this now” feelings, or an immediate flood of expletives bemoaning how Hollywood is completely out of ideas. Well, both reactions might be right, but either way, we get some cool guns out of it.

Henry is a gimmick movie, plain and simple. What’s the premise? Henry wakes up to find his memory erased and his body destroyed and repaired with robotic prosthesis of some kind (remember RoboCop?). And here we get introduced to the twist: The entire movie is shot in first person.

That’s right, the audience sees the movie through the titular Henry’s eyes—the entire time. Those susceptible to motion sickness may not want to take in this particular theatrical experience, especially in 3D. What it ends up looking like is a movie version of a first-person shooter game as Henry jumps from exploding vehicles to land on a moving motorcycle, and fast ropes out of high-flying helicopter as he blasts bad guys the whole way, tossing grenades through sunroofs and such. And Henry’s “voice module hasn’t been installed,” so no worries about hearing his voice echoing weirdly in the theater for an hour and a half

We find out he’s tasked with taking on a bunch of heavily armed bad guys to save his wife, who he doesn’t remember. Cue a quick gear-up moment in an arsenal room and drop the needle on Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” That’s the tone they’re going for, and it could be cool.

Let’s check out some of the guns we know Henry will be picking up for this flick:

We see flashes of a lot of guns, but first and prominently we see a Mossberg 500 with a pistol grip being tossed to Henry in the arsenal room before being racked and fired:

Henry picks up a Mossberg 500 pump shotgun in the arsenal room.

In the room, we also see what appears to be a Russian-made SVD Dragunov sniper rifle on a bipod, along with a M249-E2 SAW machine gun, and a PKM machine gun:

A Soviet SVD Dragunov sniper rifle.

After Henry ditches the Mossberg, we see him work the bolt on an AKS-74U submachine gun:


When it comes to handguns, we see Henry’s hand using a Makarov PM pistol to blast at a helicopter (while he dangles from it by a rope, of course):


In the poster below, we see two pistols. The one in the right hand is most certainly a government model 1911, but the one in the left looks a bit boxier, like it could be a SIG Sauer 1911, or it could be another typical government 1911 with polymer sights that just looks strange because of the angle:


Here he grabs another set of handguns from a drawer, the left of which, from the shape, appears to be a Walther P99:


Here we see him thread a suppressor on a Tokarev TT-33 pistol (according to


And here we see a nice close-up of a PPSh-41 with its typical drum magazine being carried by Jimmy (Sharlto Copley):


It’s a safe bet this is just the first bit of a slew of firearms we’ll see when Hardcore Henry premiers nationwide on April 8, 2016.