James Bond, the template for all fictional spies to come after, is still going strong after debuting on the big screen 55 years ago. Born in the midst of the espionage of the Cold War, the character has morphed and adapted to five and a half decades of social and political change, not to mention six actors—but never too much, with his tuxedo, smirk, and a Walther PPK always remaining firmly in place.

Though the man behind the character has changed a number of times, his choice of sidearms has remained fairly consistent, always coming back to the trusty and concealable Walther PPK, despite a few tangents.

But there’s never a shortage of unconscious bad-guy guns to pick up and use along the way, until they’re cast aside when they run out of ammo (this happens a lot throughout 25 movies…like, a lot).

The original, Sean Connery, was more apt to use his pistol and some mission-appropriate gadgets, instead of a wide arsenal; Roger Moore is the only Bond to not use a pistol at all in two of his Bond movies; while the two most recent Bonds, Pearce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, used a much wider variety of firearms in their combined eight films. Here’s a breakdown of the guns used by Agent 007 in each of the Bond films, broken down by actor. —DM

Sean Connery – The Original Bond

(1962-1967, 1971, 1983)

sean connery as james bond
See the guns of the first, and arguably best, Bond. (1962-1967, 1971, 1983) ».

George Lazenby – The One-Hit-Wonder Bond


george lazenby
See the guns of the one-hit wonder Bond. (1969) ».

Roger Moore – The Pretty Boy Bond


Roger Moore as James Bond
See the guns of the pretty-boy Bond. (1973-1985) ».

Timothy Dalton – The Grim Late ’80s Bond



Pierce Brosnan – The ’90s Comeback Bond


Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
See the guns of the comeback ’90s Bond. (1995-2002) ».

Daniel Craig – The Badass Bond


daniel craig as james bond
See the guns of the badass Bond. (2006-Present) ».

Tom Hardy – The New Bond?

(2021 – ??)

Tom Hardy is the most likely choice to next play 007.
Tom Hardy is the most likely choice to next play 007. Composite

Early indications are that veteran chameleon actor Tom Hardy is next in line to play Agent 007.