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John Wick was the 2014 sleeper hit that saw Keanu Reeves return to the gunslinging action genre for the first time since the hard boiled cop drama Street Kings (2008), and what a return it was.A combination of long unbroken shots and some impressive shooting and stunt work from Reeves gave the movie, about a wronged former assassin, a high energy, brutal feel that was a welcome departure from action movies like those in the Bourne series that favor hundreds of cuts per scene and nausea inducing shaky cam work.As Wick, Reeves employs a number of modern shooting techniques, such as the Center Axis Relock stance, that he honed with shooting instructor Taran Butler, who posted a number of videos of the actor tearing it up on Butler’s 3-Gun range.Let’s take a look at the all the guns in this modern action classic that has already spawned one sequel with another due in May 2019.John Wick



Wick’s arsenal in its case and laid out on a bed. It includes two Glock 26 pistols, two H&K P30L pistols, and spare mags.

After the Russian mob thugs break into his home, kill his dog, and steal his car, Wick heads to the chop shop where he figures they took it and finds out exactly who they are before borrowing a new ride. He returns home, cleans himself up, and breaks open the concrete floor of his basement to get to a small arsenal he has hidden there.

In the case are two 9mm Glock 26 handguns, two H&K P30L pistols with custom compensators, an extra mag for each gun, a fixed blade knife, what look like four smoke grenades, and several rows of gold coins that serve as currency within the mysterious assassins’ guild.

Later, we get a good look at the pistols when they are laid out on Wick’s bed as he prepares.

Wick unzips his suit bag to reveal a bulletproof vest and his arsenal.
Wick unzips his suit bag to reveal a bulletproof vest and his arsenal. Youtube

After he dispatches the group of thugs Viggo sends to his home, Wick checks into the Continental Hotel, sort of a neutral ground for the mysterious assassins guild, of which he is a part. Rules dictate that no business can be conducted on the property, and there’s a cool insiders-only lounge hidden in the basement of the hotel.

After speaking with Winston, who is the manager of the property, Wick heads back to his room to gear up. He unzips a suit bag to reveal a bulletproof vest covering the arsenal of firearms we saw briefly buried in his basement floor, along with the Customized Coharie Arms CA-415 carbine he uses later when he assaults the fake church.

Here you get a good look at the custom compensator on the HK P30L and Wick's Microtech Ultratech OTF automatic knife.
Here you get a good look at the custom compensator on the HK P30L and Wick’s Microtech Ultratech OTF automatic knife. Youtube

As he readies himself, Wick lays all of his gear out on the bed. Here we get a great look at the custom barrel-mounted compensator on his H&K P30L, his Glock 26, and his Microtech Ultratech OTF automatic knife.

In this film, John Wick’s loadout is a primary pistol with two spare magazines, a backup subcompact pistol, and a knife.

Wick adjusts his bulletproof vest and stows his Microtech Ultratech knife in a sheath on his ankle.
Wick adjusts his bulletproof vest and stows his Microtech Ultratech knife in a sheath on his ankle. Youtube

Wick puts his vest on over a white t-shirt, but underneath his white dress shirt and tie. In this scene we also see two single-magazine carriers on the left side of his belt, though they’re empty. Later, it’s clear that he keeps two spare mags for his P30L in these holsters.

After he has his vest adjusted, he retracts the blade on his knife and slides it into a sheath fastened around his ankle.

He uses the knife during his initial assault on the Red Circle club to silently take out the first guards he meets. He kills one of Iosef’s (Alfie Allen) buddies in the locker room after finding out where the rest of the men who killed his dog are.

The third bath house guard he engages surprises him and isn’t as easy to take down as the previous two, causing a ruckus and alerting others to Wick’s presence.

Wick holsters his Glock 16 on his left side at about 7-8 o'clock with the butt facing out.
Wick holsters his Glock 16 on his left side at about 7-8 o’clock with the butt facing out. He draws this pistol with his left hand. Youtube

Wick has to hold the guard down with his knife hand (right hand) and draw his Glock 26 with his left to engage an armed guard across the room. He locks eyes with Iosef before putting a round in the head of the guard under his fist.

When he’s getting ready, we see Wick holster his backup gun, the Glock 26, in a holster at about the 7 o’clock position with the butt facing out and he draws it with his left hand.

When his jacket flips up, we get a look at the positioning of Wick's holsters.
When his jacket flips up, we get a look at the positioning of Wick’s holsters. Youtube

Just as he’s about to fire with his left hand braced on the wrist of his right, which is still holding the knife inverted, he is confronted by a gigantic man getting out of the pool. Wick stabs the knife into the man’s shoulder, but it doesn’t make him release his grip on Wick’s gun hand. He stomps on the man’s bare foot and pushes him back, giving him enough room to fire three shots into his chest and one to his head with the Glock. The knife assumedly is still in the big guy’s shoulder when he falls back into the pool.

While fighting the guard who gives him away, Wick’s jacket flips up and we can clearly see both of his guns holstered on his belt. The P30L looks to be in a 4-5 o’clock position, mirroring the Glock’s positioning, which is presumably to keep the guns better concealed beneath his unbuttoned jacket.

Heckler & Koch P30L with Custom Compensator


As we’ve discussed, Wick carries one of the P30L pistols as his primary firearm and a Glock 26. His tactics include a lot of rapid fire in close quarters, which makes the addition of the compensators on the H&Ks make sense within the context of his shooting style, even though they do add some length. He’s still able to keep the gun concealed beneath his jacket in a holster that looks to have an open bottom to allow for the extra length.

The barrel-mounted comps also allow him to press the muzzle of his pistol into opponents when putting them in arm locks and shooting them at point blank range without impacting the slide on the gun and pushing it out of battery. During the club assault, he performs a muzzle strike into a bad guy’s throat during a particularly dicey scene when he is almost out of ammo, which is more practical with a muzzle device attached.

More shots of Wick firing his P30L
More shots of Wick firing his P30L in the big Red Circle club shootout.

The P30 is a DA/SA polymer-framed 9mm handgun that hit the market in 2006. It’s also available in .40 S&W and in a wide range of configurations. With the optional manual thumb safety and decocker included, the gun can be carried in single action “cocked and locked” Condition 1, or with the hammer down to be fired in double action for the first shot and then single action for subsequent shots. It can also be purchased in a Double Action Only configuration.

Wick carries two spare magazines for his P30L (there are two of the pistols in his arsenal, but he only carries one at a time), which fit flush with the frame, meaning they each hold 15 rounds of 9mm. That’s 45 rounds total with the magazine in the gun.

Round Count!

Now, it seems like he fires a lot of shots during the Red Circle club assault, so many that you might be wondering if he really could have pulled it off with just three magazines. The answer is: almost.

That’s right…I kept the rewind button twitchy and my fingers flying to count up all the rounds he fires once he draws his P30L in the bath house.

When he starts off, maybe he’s supposed to have some kind of extended magazine loaded in the pistol (though it doesn’t look like it), because he fires a total of 24 rounds before his first reload, nine more than the standard magazine holds, but we’ll say it’s only eight rounds over, since Wick probably carries with 15+1 on board.

Now he’s on spare magazine number 1.

Then, he only fires 14 rounds before going to his second spare magazine, which means he has one round left in the chamber, though it does look like he has to release the slide after inserting the fresh mag, but we’ll let that go.

Now he’s on his last magazine.

Before firing the pistol dry on the balcony in the club, he lets loose 16 rounds, which adds up, as he has the one round left over from the previous mag, meaning he begins the sequence with 15+1.

So, other than the initial volley of gunfire, the round count for this sequence is dead on.

Glock 26

While he shoots right handed through the movie, Wick shoots his Glock 26 in one scene with just his left hand.
Wick draws his Glock 26 in the bath house scene with his left hand, while holding down a writhing guard with his right.

After using his backup pistol in the bath house when his right hand is otherwise occupied, Wick reholsters the Glock before drawing his primary P30L.

After he fights his way through a dozen or so bad guys chasing Iosef, he ends up engaging the leader of Viggo’s security team, Kirill, on the club balcony after he has fired his P30L dry and takes a couple rounds to the vest.

Wick manages to disarm Kirill, but they get into an intense hand-to-hand fight, and Wick takes a slice to his side under the vest from a broken champaign bottle before being tossed over the balcony railing to the dance floor below.

After hitting the floor hard, he recovers enough to draw his Glock and fire at his assailant, who is only saved by the club’s strangely bullet-resistant glass. Presumably, he leaves his P30L up on the balcony as he makes his escape from the club.

Customized Coharie Arms CA-415

Reeves performs a tactical reload with his Customized Coharie Arms CA-415 in an unbroken shot.
Reeves performs a tactical reload with his Customized Coharie Arms CA-415 in an unbroken shot.

When Wick assaults the church that Viggo is using as a front and as a vault for his cash and for dirt he keeps on various politicians and important people, he’s carrying a Coharie Arms CA-415 carbine with a shortened barrel, EOTech 553 holographic sight, vertical foregrip, and Magpul PMAG magazines. If you look closely, you can see this AR is stashed in the bottom of his suit bag at the hotel and was likely underneath the top trays of the arsenal buried in his floor.

After he destroys Viggo’s most prized assets, Wick waits for him and his men when they come out of their hideout, engaging them with the carbine.

During the shootout in the street, Wick performs a couple quick tactical reloads with the gun, showing just how much training he’s put in for the role. While he’s still carrying his two pistols, he also has a spare mag for his AR somewhere on the left side of his body under his jacket for this scene.

The CA-415 is a 5.56 American-made clone of the Heckler & Koch HK416, so Wick seems to be a brand loyalist, other than the Glock 26 he carries.

He is taken captive at the end of the scene by Viggo and his men, losing the CA-415 in the process, and presumably his two pistols as well.

Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

Wick picks up a bad guy's Kel-Tec KSG pump action shotgun.
Wick picks up a bad guy’s Kel-Tec KSG pump action shotgun.

After Wick gets free from Viggo’s men in the empty warehouse, with a little help from Marcus and his suppressed rifle, and takes out his captors hand-to-hand, he has to arm himself with whatever he can find.

A few of Viggo’s henchmen carry bullpup high capacity Kel-Tech KSG pump action shotguns fitted with EOTech sights, and Wick picks up one of these as he rushes to meet Viggo’s car under the overpass. The KSG has two magazine tubes, each capable of holding 7 2.75″ shotgun shells for a total capacity of 14 rounds.

After killing all the men he has with him, Wick uses the KSG to force Viggo to disclose his son’s location, in exchange for letting him live.

Though it isn’t visible in this movie, when we see Wick’s arsenal buried in his basement floor in the sequel, we see that it actually has at least two levels. His handguns, mags, knife, and grenades are in one wooden tray next to another holding his gold coins on top. Beneath them is a space holding three long guns, one of which is presumably the Coharie Arms CA-415 he uses in the church assault (which explains where that gun came from and why its in his suit bag when he arrives at the Continental), and another looks like a KSG. The third could certainly be a sniper rifle he picks up later.

Since Wick regroups before going after Iosef in the safehouse, it’s possible he stashed the KSG in his car or somewhere else. Clearly he had to go pick up his backup handguns, as he has at least his P30L for the rest of the movie.

DTA Stealth Recon Scout Rifle

Wick using a capture bad guy's sniper rifle to take out another enemy sniper.
Wick using a capture bad guy’s sniper rifle to take out another enemy sniper.

During the safehouse assault, we see a sniper guarding Iosef with a Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout sniper rifle.

The rifle is a .338 Lapua Magnum arranged in a bullpup configuration to keep the overall length down without sacrificing barrel length.

After we see the inside of the safehouse, the camera comes back to the sniper’s hide and we see Wick is now holding the rifle next to the guard’s dead body.

Wick’s first shot goes through the head of Iosef’s last remaining friend—he’s also the last guy besides Iosef who broke into Wick’s house.

He then uses the rifle to take out two other snipers and a few thugs before moving in on Iosef, who he unceremoniously dispatches with his P30L.


Suppressed Walther P99 Pistol

Ms. Perkins' weapon of choice is a suppressed Walther P99 9mm pistol.
Ms. Perkins’ weapon of choice is a suppressed Walther P99 9mm pistol. After the hotel room fight, Wick turns her own pistol against her.

One of the other guild assassins that we get to know a bit, Ms. Perkins (Adrianne Palicki), is also staying in the Continental hotel. From the way they greet each other in the lobby, they obviously know one another, but its clear they aren’t buddies.

Perkins contacts Viggo’s men and offers to break the guild’s rules and kill Wick on Continental grounds for a payment of $4 million.

After Wick returns from the gunfight at the Red Circle Club, Perkins plans to kill him in his room while he sleeps. Marcus “warns” John of her presence with a strategically places rifle round, giving him enough time to move and avoid her first burst of suppressed gunfire.

Perkins’ primary firearm is a Walther P99 pistol with a suppressor. Wick quickly disarms her and they get into a pretty heated tussle as she takes advantage of the injuries he has already sustained. Wick gets the better of her and retrieves her P99 from the floor, using it to force Perkins to give up the location of Viggo’s stash in the church.

Perkins also has her P99 later without the suppressor in Marcus’ house.

The Walther P99 is a double-stack 9mm pistol developed in the mid 1990s as a replacement for the Walther P5. The pistol got a measure of fame after it became James Bond’s new pistol soon after its release, replacing the long-used Walther PPK in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) starring Pierce Brosnan as 007. He used the P99 in the next two bond films, and Daniel Craig continued using the pistol in his first Bond movie, Casino Royale (2006), before inexplicably switching back to the PPK.

Colt Python

Perkins fires a Colt Python through a pillow.
Perkins fires a Colt Python through a pillow.

After Perkins spills the beans about Viggo’s stash, Wick knocks her out with the butt of her own gun and asks a fellow guild member staying in the room next door named Harry, who he seems to know from the old days, to tie her up and keep an eye on her in exchange for a coin.

When Perkins wakes up tied to a chair in Harry’s room, he tells her he’s going to leave her handcuffed there for housekeeping to find. As he’s talking, Perkins dislocates her own thumb, frees herself from her handcuffs, and buffaloes Harry. She’s able to get her hands on his Colt Python and shoots him in the head through a pillow.

This killing and the attack on John Wick are serious violations of the guild rules, and she later pays the ultimate price at Winston’s orders.

The Python is a .357 Magnum revolver with a 4-inch barrel and wood grips. It was a beloved revolver in many circles that was discontinued in 2005. These days, Pythons on the used market can go for quite a bit of money.


Ruger M77 Rifle – Suppressed

Marcus aiming his suppressed takedown Ruger M77 bolt action rifle.
Marcus aiming his suppressed takedown Ruger M77 bolt action rifle.

Marcus (Willem Dafoe) is an interesting character. He shows up at the funeral for Wick’s wife at the beginning of the film, offering condolences and it appears he’s the only one from Wick’s old life who does so.

As the action gets started, we see Marcus in a small gearing up montage of his own, assembling and cleaning a Browning Hi Power pistol and readying a takedown Ruger M77 bolt action rifle with a suppressor attached, after agreeing to kill Wick when Viggo visits him at home and makes the offer.

We see Marcus also has a hidden arsenal in his home, located in a secret closet under his stairs. From a brief glance inside, we can see a MAC-11, an IMI Uzi, an Olympic Arms K23B, at least one Beretta 92 pistol, a Glock, a 1911 pistol, and several other handguns. The Ruger M77 is also visible next to another long rifle.

Through most of the movie, we aren’t sure where Marcus’ loyalties lie. Just as Perkins is breaking into Wick’s hotel room, we see the crosshairs of Marcus’ rifle on Wick in bed. Marcus fires a shot through the window, which strikes the pillow next to Wick’s head. Did he do this to warn him about Perkins, or did he miss in his haste to prevent Perkins from getting the payday?

Browning Hi Power Pistol

Marcus prefers a 9mm Browning Hi Power pistol
Being the old school assassin that he is, Marcus prefers a 9mm Browning Hi Power pistol. A clip from the film’s trailer shows him assembling one.

We get our answer later as Wick is being suffocated by two of Viggo’s men in the abandoned warehouse. Marcus helps Wick get the upper hand by taking out one of his captors, again with a distance shot from his rifle, leaving John to deal with Kirill hand-to-hand. We see that Marcus has been acting like an angel on Wick’s shoulder throughout his ordeal, keeping an eye out for any other assassins who might try to fulfill Viggo’s contract, which he never had any intention of fulfilling himself.

Viggo says as much as he’s torturing Marcus after Iosef’s death, saying that Marcus could have taken Wick out a number of times, which would have prevented the death of his son.

It’s the murder of Marcus, and a greenlight from Winston, that causes John to go back on his word and go after Viggo.


Salient Arms International Glock 17

Viggo's head of security, Kirill, uses a customized Salient Arms International Glock 17 pistol.
Viggo’s head of security, Kirill, uses a customized Salient Arms International Glock 17 pistol.

The pistol of the higher ranking members of Viggo Tarasov’s crime family are customized Salient Arms International Glock 17 Tier 1 pistols.

We see Viggo, Iosef, and Kirill with the pistol in various scenes. Near the end of the film, Viggo gives his SAI Glock to his underboss Avi (Dean Winters) who almost hits Wick with a lucky shot.

The customized Glock from Salient Arms includes a hand-fitted slide and frame, reduction of weight on the slide with added window cuts, enhanced rear cocking serrations, a full hand stipple and double trigger guard undercut on the frame, and the company’s trademark bronze-colored barrel. The pistol also has SAI fiber optic sights.

Glock 17 (FAB Defense KPOS Glock to Carbine Conversion)

One of Viggo's henchment with a FAB Defense KPOS Glock Carbine.
One of Viggo’s henchment with a FAB Defense KPOS Glock Carbine.

Several of Viggo’s henchmen use full-auto Glock 17s that have been converted to carbines using a FAB Defense KPOS Glock to Carbine PDW Conversion Kits.

The kit is basically a shell housing that adds a front grip and accessory rails space for the mounting of gun lights, optics, and laser sights to a handgun, making it into a compact Personal Defense Weapon (PDW).