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Tailor: “And what kind of lining for your suit?”

John Wick: “Tactical.”

In 2014, Keanu Reeves scored a sleeper action hit with the surprisingly awesome flick about a retired assassin, John Wick. A sequel was greenlit before the original even hit VOD services and was released in 2017 with more bad guys, more guns, and more headshots. Reeves has been using guns on screen for most of his career and trains a lot for each action movie he does. We reported previously that Reeves was training with Taran Butler when a youtube video of Reeves moving through a 3-Gun stage at his training facility in California went semi-viral.

When the first promotional still for John Wick: Chapter 2 was released, gun people noticed right away that Reeves wasn’t holding an H&K P30L like he did in the original, but rather a customized Glock pistol made by Taran Tactical Innovations, Butler’s company, but we’ll get to that.

Let’s go through the characters and see what they’re carrying this time around, starting with the titular man himself.

John Wick

Old Arsenal

Wick puts the his guns from the first movie back in their hiding place and cements them pack into his basement floor.
Wick puts the his guns from the first movie back in their hiding place and cements them pack into his basement floor.

In the first film, John Wick carried a Heckler & Koch P30L with a custom compensator and a stock Glock 26 subcompact as his backup gun. He’s still carrying the P30L in the opening scene where he goes to Viggo’s brother’s headquarters to retrieve the Mustang that was stolen from him in the first movie. Instead of his dog being killed, this time around we get to see Wick’s gorgeous car get utterly smashed to bits before it limps back to John’s garage, missing a door and with every single part dented or smashed. Luckily it goes off to Aurelio’s (John Leguizamo) garage for repairs before Wick’s house gets burned down.

He only fires two shots with his P30L, into the knees of a particularly giant henchman who he doesn’t feel like fighting after getting hit by a car.

When he returns home, we see all his weapons back in their place and being reburied in the basement floor of his home, showing that he does indeed plan to put the assassin life behind him once again, if he can.

Oddly enough, both P30L pistols appear to be present, though he almost certainly lost one of them in the last movie during the Red Circle club gun battle. The Glock 26 is also shown with an extended floorplate magazine, which wasn’t used in the first movie.

This time around, we see that beneath the top two trays in the compartment is another larger area for long guns holding what looks to be the Customized Coharie Arms CA-415 carbine from the first movie (which he also lost), a Kel-Tec KSG shotgun (which he picked up off a dead bad guy and used in John Wick 1) and another short AR fitted with a suppressor.

TTI Combat Master Package Glock 36 and TTI Custom Glock 26

The Guns Of
(top) The TTI Combat Master Package G36 pistol used on-screen by Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 2 and the TTI G26 he carries as a backup gun in the movie. Both guns were on display at the Glock booth at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. web photo

Wick doesn’t get his new guns until he visits The Sommelier in Rome, who is a black market arms dealer affiliated with the assassins guild who talks about firearms as if they were fine wine.

“I know of your past fondness for the German varietals,” The Sommelier says, as he motions toward a P30 on a shelf, “but I can wholeheartedly endorse the new breed of Austrians, Glock 34 and 26.”

The two pistols he takes down for Wick to examine are the TTI Combat Master Package G36—which begins its life as Glock’s 9mm longslide target pistol, the G36 Gen3. The pistol in the movie is customized by Taran Tactical Innovations with a tactical matte black slide finish, an ion bonded bronze barrel, a competition trigger job, a full wrap stipple job, a scallop-cut magazine release, a single trigger guard undercut, a TTI competition magwell, TTI fiber optic green sights, and flat black magazine base pads.

You can get the same modifications made to a G34 by purchasing the John Wick Combat Master Package from TTI for a cool $1,400. That doesn’t include the actual G36 pistol or shipping.

The TTI G26 he carries as a backup is modified by TTI with stippling, fiber optic sights, an enhanced trigger, ion bonded bronze barrel, and a silver TTI base plate for the magazine.

The Guns In the New
Wick firing his TTI Glock Combat Master Performance Package G36 pistol. photo from

Wick uses the G34 as his primary firearm during his assault on the Roman ruins and the ensuing chase leading back to the hotel.

He carries the customized G26 in a holster positioned at 7 o’clock with the butt facing out, just like in the first movie, and he draws it with his left hand. He only uses the backup once during his first fight with Cassian (Common), after he loses his Glock 34 on the street. He pulls his backup after the two tumble to the bottom of a stone staircase and fires a bunch of shots at Cassian while the two are grappling. He actually fires the G26 dry, tucks the pistol in the crook of his knee while being choked, slips a fresh mag into it, and keeps firing. Lets be frank, this was a hot reload…and it also means he keeps a spare mag for the G26 somewhere on his belt near the holster, which he didn’t carry in Part 1.

So, to review, when Wick gears up for the Rome assassination, his belt is holding a fully loaded Glock 34 with at least two spare magazines, one 30-round PMag, a loaded Glock 26, and a spare G26 magazine.

If you add up all that weight, it comes out to about 7.9 pounds of gear on his belt. That’s a healthy amount of weight.

Glock 17

The Guns In the New
John Wick (Keanu Reeves) reloading a Glock 17 3rd Gen. photo from

And something tells me that if he actually had all this on his belt at the same time, it wouldn’t be concealed very well by his tightly tailored suit jacket.

After the assassination in Rome is complete, Wick puts the G26 and his gunbelt in the white bag along with his shot-up suit and turns it into the Continental staff before heading back to New York, but he keeps his knife.

Earlier in the film, when Wick goes to get his safety deposit box stash in NYC, in addition to a suit and some gold coins, we see he has a stock G26 hidden away beneath the clothes. We never see him use it afterward, and it’s likely he left it in the deposit box, as his next move was to fly to Italy, where he procures his new arsenal.

During the final battle, after his Kimber 1911 quickly runs dry (we’ll get to that later), Wick uses a series of stock Glock 17 pistols that he picks up off dead bad guys. He switches from gun to gun, as he has no spare mags for reloading.

Some of the assassins who come after Wick are also armed with suppressed Glock 17s.


The Guns In the New
Wick with a Kimber Warrior 1911 using his signature center axis relock shooting style. photo from

When he’s back in New York City, Wick goes to the mysterious Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) to arm up again, but, as a kind of payback for almost killing him once upon a time, the King gives him a Kimber Warrior 1911 pistol with only one magazine containing seven rounds, a big change from the high capacity 9mm pistols he prefers.

He tells John that the seven rounds represent the $7 million bounty currently on his head.

Wick takes the Kimber into the final battle, and it runs dry almost immediately when he encounters Santino’s first wave of guards in the museum.

He fires the Kimber dry and then picks up a Glock 17 from a dead bad guy. When that one runs dry, he throws it at another bad guy’s face before taking his Glock and moving on with that gun. He does this two more times (not the throwing part) with two more Glocks. The last bad guy he kills in this sequence is armed with a 1911, and here we see that Wick didn’t get rid of his Kimber earlier, he merely holstered it. He takes a fresh mag off the downed guard and reloads his Kimber, performing a one-handed brass check.

SIG Sauer P320

Wick firing a SIG Sauer P320 pistol that he picks up.
Wick firing a SIG Sauer P320 pistol that he picks up.

During the subway fight, Wick uses a suppressed Smith & Wesson SW1911SC E-Series pistol. This appears to be a continuity error, as the gun he picks up just before this scene off one of the assassins sent to kill him is a CZ P-09, not a 1911. The CZ becomes the S&W after the fountain shootout.

In the top photo, Wick has an Smith & Wesson SW1911SC
In the top photo, Wick has an Smith & Wesson SW1911SC “E-Series” tucked in his waistband. In the bottom photo, Wick performs a brass check on his Kimber Warrior 1911 after reloading it with a bad guy’s magazine.

Taran Tactical Innovations TR-1 Ultralight Rifle

The Guns In the New
Wick aiming the Taran Tactical Innovations TR-1 Ultralight. photo from

When Wick visits the Sommelier after arriving in Rome, he doesn’t just pick up handguns. He knows his assault on the ruins and subsequent escape through the catacombs could get extremely hairy, and he arms up accordingly.

For a rifle, he chooses a Taran Tactical Innovations TR-1 Ultralight fitted with BCM parts, a compensator, a 1-6×24 Trijicon Accupoint scope with an miniature reflex sight on a canted rail for close quarters shots.

The Sommelier says it has an 11.5″ barrel, when the gun obviously has a longer 14.5″ barrel.

Wick's Taran Tactical Innovations TR-1 Ultralight rifle.
Wick’s Taran Tactical Innovations TR-1 Ultralight rifle.

Wick stashes the rifle in the catacombs so he can grab it if necessary while retreating. It’s loaded with a pair of clamped 30-round Magpul PMags and one additional magazine is on his belt.

He uses the rifle to take out a number of well armed bad guys that are pursuing him with bouncing gun lights, so Wick knows exactly where they are.

A guard following Ares is also seen with a rifle in a similar configuration in the mirrors scene.

Benelli M4 Super 90 Shotgun

Wick's TTI customized Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-auto shotgun.
Wick’s TTI customized Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-auto shotgun, which he uses in the catacombs.

This time, instead of using a KSG as his shotgun of choice, Wick takes another TTI customized firearm from the Sommelier’s shelves.

This boomstick is a Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-auto shotgun fitted with a fixed stock and custom features including a custom bolt, polished internal surfaces, custom trigger job, and stippling on the stock and grip. Custom fiber optic sights, bolt release, and charging handle have also been added as well as a 3-Gun style extra shell holder in front of the chamber. All these mods would cost about $3,000, including the shotgun.

The Guns In the New
Wick with a custom Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun from TTI. photo from

He also stashes the shotgun in the catacombs, but in a different spot and switches to it when he runs out of ammo for his rifle. (Why he doesn’t stash more spare mags for the rifle instead of switching to a shotgun is a mystery.) He also stashes a belt of shells in what look like 5-shot carriers, which he wears for quick reloads.

When he uses the shotgun for the first time, he fires 11 rounds before reloading, which would only be possible with the M4 if it had an extended tube capacity of 9+1 shells, and with having a ghost loaded 11th shell.

Actually, let’s take a look at that infinitely awesome catacombs scene and the various reloads Keanu Reeves performs. He clearly put even more training in for this movie than the last:


The last item John gets from the Sommelier’s expansive arsenal is from the “dessert” tray, which is a case of high-end knives. Wick again goes with a MicroTech OTF automatic, but this time it’s the larger Combat Troodon model instead of the Ultratech from the first movie. He keeps the knife in his right pants pocket.

He doesn’t use it while he’s in Italy, but breaks it out when he’s back in New York City and is confronted by two assassins outside the subway train. He uses it again soon after during his second fight with Cassian on the train, during which he is disarmed and ultimately stabs Cassian with his own fixed blade knife, which looks to be a Cold Steel Counter Tac 1. Wick does bend down to pick it up after the fight, before being taken in by the Bowery King.

If you really like the knives and the movies, you can buy a collectors set with the high end MicroTech Ultratech and Troodon knives from as they appeared in the films packaged in a Pelican collector’s case along with three 24kt gold-plated assassin’s guild challenge coins, plus a pre-sharpened pencil for a cool $2,600.

“I once saw him kill three men. In a bar. With a pencil. A f&$#ing pencil…”

A set of John Wick knives sold by BladHQ including a MicroTech Troodon and a MicroTech Ultratech packaged in a Pelican case with three assassin's guild coins and a sharpened pencil.
A set of John Wick knives sold by BladHQ including a MicroTech Troodon and a MicroTech Ultratech packaged in a Pelican case with three assassin’s guild coins and a sharpened pencil.

This is also a good time to mention something odd I noticed about the special gold coins used by the guild. We see John use the coins for a lot of different things, but the value of them is very strange. In the first one, he trades one coin for a hotel room and services at the Continental, and it seems one coin each for the disposal of bodies, which would indicate they are quite valuable, however, in the first movie it costs John a coin just to get into the fancy secret lounge in the Continental’s basement, and Cassian puts down a coin for two drinks at the regular Continental lobby bar in Italy in JW2. Maybe this will be explain in the third movie.

And let’s have a word about the Sommelier. A lot of people online make fun of the scene where he recommends the guns to John Wick, a seasoned assassin, to whom he shows a Glock, an AR15, and a Benelli as if it took serious consideration to pick out three of the most popular tactical firearms in the handgun, rifle, and shotgun categories. They also poke fun at how he explains minor details to a man who probably knows everything about every part of each gun, like saying a Glock is from Austria, for instance.

To them I say: you missed the point. He explains the firearms the way a sommelier would explain and recommend wine, even to a wine connoisseur who likely knows everything there is to know about wine. From the front of the store, it seems he’s an actual sommelier as well, and this is the schtick he has adopted for the business he does for the assassin’s guild. Wick plays along as if he’s ordering wine, saying things like “I’d like a tasting,” and “I need something for the end of the night. Something big, bold.” Who knows, maybe if you don’t play along, he won’t sell you anything. This isn’t the gun counter at a Cabela’s. Also, John may know everything about the gun platforms, but he wouldn’t know the exact custom tweaks that have been made to each gun, so those are certainly worth an explanation.

Gun Rooms

And what good would an assassin movie be without a gratuitous gun room scene?

The Guns In the New
A lovely, lovely gun room belonging to “The Sommelier.” photo from

Or two gratuitous gun room scenes…

The Guns In the New
The armory of The Bowery King (Lawrence Fishburn). photo from

Or how about three, as the tailor Wick visits in Rome who provides him with a couple bulletproof suits also has a pretty impressive armory, which we see in the background of a few shots, though John doesn’t pick up any hardware there.

The tailor also has an impressive armory, though Wick doesn't get any guns here.
The tailor also has an impressive armory, though Wick doesn’t get any guns here.

Bad Guys

Cassian – Arsenal Firearms USA AF-1 Strike One Pistol

Cassian's handgun of choice is a two-tone Arsenal Firearms USA AF-1 Strike One pistol.
Cassian’s handgun of choice is a two-tone Arsenal Firearms USA AF-1 Strike One pistol.

The henchmen and assassins Wick goes up against in the sequel are numerous, varied, and all armed with something different. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting ones.

Cassian, Wick’s primary assassin nemesis this time around, carries a two-tone Arsenal Firearms USA AF-1 Strike One pistol. He first uses it unsuppressed in Rome, and uses it again with a small suppressor in New York before the subway fight scene.

This scene, where he and Wick fire suppressed shots at each other amidst a crowd across two levels of a train station is by far the most fantastical firearms moment in the whole series so far. The suppressed gunshots are so quiet, that none of the people in the crowd even notice they’re in the midst of a silent gun battle. I get it…in the context of the movie, it’s a “cool” idea to have these guys taking whisper quiet shots at each other and having a gunfight while in a sea of oblivious commuters. Obviously in real life suppressors don’t work this well, but if suppressors in the fictional world of the movie can make gunshots that quiet, why don’t the assassins use them all the time and why doesn’t Wick use suppressors at all?

Rant over.

The Strike One is definitely an interesting and very Old World-centric choice for Cassian. The pistol, also known as the Strizh in Russia, is a semi-auto handgun made by the Russo-Italian Arsenal Firearms that was originally designed for Russian military and law enforcement agencies. It was eventually rejected after testing, mostly due to political reasons. It has an unusual patented locking system. The Strizh version is produced in Russia while the Strike One is produced in EU factories for export.

In the U.S. a variant of the pistol is produced through a collaboration between Arsenal Firearms and Salient Arms International, which provided some Glock pistols used by bad guys in the first John Wick movie.

This variant, originally known as Stryk, features a different slide, trigger, and grip texture, with two sub-variants: the full-sized Stryk-A and the compact Stryk-B.

After a trade dispute, Arsenal Firearms USA rebranding itself as Archon Firearms and the Stryk-B pistols were rebranded as the Type B in 2018, and the Type A seems to have disappeared.

Ares – SW1911SC E-Series pistol

Ares (Ruby Rose) with her suppressed SW1911SC E-Series pistol.
Ares (Ruby Rose) with her suppressed SW1911SC E-Series pistol.

The mute assassin Ares (Ruby Rose) uses an SW1911SC E-Series pistol in the catacombs, just like the one Wick uses after the fountain scene. Ares uses it once without a suppressor in the catacombs, and again in the final fight with a suppressor attached.


One of the guards with Ares seems to be armed with a SIG SG 551 rifle
One of the guards with Ares seems to be armed with a SIG SG 551 rifle.

One of the guards with Ares seems to be armed with a SIG SG 551 rifle, which changes to an SG 552 in the hall of mirrors scene.

The 550 is a series of semi-auto 5.56 pistol driven rifles with a rotary bolt and a spring driven extractor derived from the SIG SG 540 series. The 551 is a shortened version of the rifle and the 552 is an even shorter “commando” version of the gun.

The man in the foreground of the photo above looks to have the SG 552.

Bowery Boy

Earl with a Beretta Cheetah in the subway.
Earl with a Beretta Cheetah in the subway.

Earl, one of the Bowery King’s men, kills two assassins with a suppressed Beretta Cheetah pistol who are chasing John in the subway. Earl is disguised as a homeless man with a pile of his possessions next to him on the subway platform. He hides Wick beneath a blanket and tarp before the assassins arrive.

At the end of the movie, we see D’Antonio with the same pistol minus the little suppressor, though he never fires it. It’s difficult to tell if the guns used are the Model 84BB or 85BB, since the two models are almost identical except for capacity.

If you want to quiz yourself, just see if you can name every handgun pointed at Keanu’s head on the movie poster. Answers are below the photo:

The Guns In the New
The official John Wick: Chapter 2 poster. photo from

Poster guns: Sawed-off Remington 870, Heckler & Koch P30L fitted with a compensator just like the pistols he used in the first movie, a Beretta 92 FS, two Beretta 92FS Inox pistols, two Beretta 90Two pistols, and several customized 1911 variants.