A mother and daughter duo in South Carolina have created an organization with the goal of teaching local women the basics of self-defense and gun safety.

Donna Broome and Candice Ivy recently started Guns ‘N Lipstik, a safety organization that currently teaching a safety class called Purses and Pistols. The idea sprang from their own experience with domestic abuse, according to this story on

The three-week course is designed to get beginners comfortable with handguns so they have the confidence to protect themselves and their families, the story says.

“If they feel they can protect themselves, the can do anything and go anywhere,” Broome said. “Guns ‘N Lipstik is all about empowerment.”

Broome says that, because of the experience and knowledge they gain in the class, women don’t feel out of place when they go to a male-dominated environment at a range.

“They can command respect. That’s how the ladies feel after they take the course,” she said.

The class starts with the absolute basics after assessing each student’s level of firearms experience. Some time is spent working with dummy guns before handling an unloaded firearm. Then it’s on to loading magazines, field stripping, and handgun cleaning.

There is also a strong emphasis on gun safety before the class takes two trips to the range.

Guns ‘N Lipstik will launch a new workshop this month for teenagers that is a “preemptive strike” against dating violence and sexual abuse and is designed to give teen girls a chance to learn about early warning signs of danger and safety measures they can take.

“I’m hoping that they’ll listen to someone it’s happened to,” Ivy said, adding that she has gotten positive feedback from parents and members of law enforcement regarding the organization. Anyone interested can visit the organization’s website or Facebook page.