Guns of 'Rambo V: Last Blood' (2019)

This new Rambo movie is due out this fall and is the first sequel in 10 years.


ts hard to believe its been over a decade since the last Rambo movie came out, especially since it was such a success, but indeed it has. Stallone has teased another installment over the years, and there were a few false starts. As he moved on to the Expendables movies, the new Rocky spinoff Creed series, and other projects, it looked like any Rambo V movie would be lost in development hell, at least long enough to make it unfeasible for the aging star to play the role. However, the unlikely has happened. The fifth installment in the Rambo series is due out this year, and we've gotten a few sneak peeks thanks to Stallone's active Instagram account during the filming.

Gun Rack
Rambo V
Rambo in his shed with his small arsenal and bits of memories.Instagram

The plot picks up with our hero a full decade after the end of Rambo (2008), which left him at his family's horse ranch in Arizona after coming stateside for the first time since the early 1980s.

The aging war vet has been tending the farm ever since, working the horses and the land. Stallone released a number of photos of himself in character on horseback, looking more like a cowboy than a soldier.

Things get heated up when someone close to him is abducted by a Mexican cartel, forcing Rambo to go across the border and wreak is particular form of vengeance.

We also got to see Rambo mulling over something in a shed that looks like a makeshift tribute to his time in battle. We see a rack of guns behind him, which looks to include a couple different lever action rifles, an M1 Garand, and an M16A1. We can also see the handle of the combat machete he used in part 4 hanging on some kind of wooden plaque.

Rambo V
Rambo looks more like a cowboy than a soldier in this fifth installment.Instagram

We don't see Rambo holding or using any guns in these few Instagram photos, but we do see him with his trademark bow. In all previous movies, Rambo has used a compound bow, though never a modern D-limb bow.

it looks like he's going old school for this new movie from the show below of him drawing a recurve bow.

Recurve Bow
Rambo bow
It looks like John Rambo is using a recurve bow instead of a compound bow in Rambo V.Instagram

As far as knives go, it looks like Rambo will have two: a big one and a smaller one. The big one is called the "Heartstopper" and was designed and made by Dietmar Pohl of Pohl Force in Germany, according to Stallone. Pohl also produced the smaller fixed blade knife pictured below.

Pohl joins knifemakers Jimmy Lile and Gil Hibben as the only designers of Rambo knives. It is yet to be seen if an affordable reproduction of the Pohl knives will be available after the movie comes out.

Heartstopper Knife
Rambo V knife
The new knife for Rambo V, the "Heartstopper" designed and produced by Dietmar Pohl of Pohl Force in Germany.Instagram
Stallone posted this image of Rambo holding his new knife on Instagram.
Stallone posted this image of Rambo holding his new knife on Instagram.Instagram

Though details have been scarce, we can assume Rambo will be doing some reflecting on his life and on his time in Vietnam. A couple photoshopped production photos have been revealed.

A shot of a young Stallone shopped into Vietnam appropriate fatigues and a helmet is shown in the photo below along with Rambo's smaller knife.

Smaller Knife
Rambo's smaller knife shown with a photoshopped image of a young John Rambo in Vietnam.
Rambo's smaller knife shown with a photoshopped image of a young John Rambo in Vietnam.Instagram

Another doctored photo depicts a young Rambo in his dress uniform with his medals, including the Medal of Honor, proudly displayed. All this points to perhaps a better exploration of Rambo's past than we've had so far. We get the most information about his time in Vietnam from scraps of info dropped here and there by Col. Trautman in First Blood and from a piece of dialog from Rambo II, listed in full in the caption below.

Rambo V
Rambo, John J. - Born 7/6/47 in Bowie, Arizona. of Indian and German descent. Joined the Army 8/6/64. Accepted Special Forces, specialization: light weapons, cross-trained medic, helicopter, and language qualified. 59 confirmed kills. Two Silver Stars, four Bronze, four Purple Hearts, Distinguished Service Cross, and a Medal of Honor.Instagram

As soon as the first trailer for Rambo V drops, we'll be back with more info!