The story focuses on two young men who were born in the National Firearms Zone.
The story focuses on two young men who were born in the National Firearms Zone. photo from Facebook

Hollywood producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura wants to bring a graphic novel that he developed called Guntown, about a future where, if you want to own a gun, you have to live in the National Firearms Zone, to the big screen.

According to this story from, the producer of the Transformer film franchise is in talks to develop the story. In Guntown written by Bob Quinn and Andy Shapiro, the federal government has passed the Gun Violence in America Act in response to a national epidemic of gun violence.

The new law mandates that anyone wishing to possess, or anyone caught with a firearm of any kind, is relocated to the National Firearm Zone, a massive walled city in the deserts of New Mexico. This is now the only place int he country where firearms can be used.

But there’s a catch. Once you enter the NFZ, neither you nor future generations of your family can ever leave. It’s nickname, of course, is Guntown.

While the story will focus on two young friends, Jimmy Hardin and Wade Chapman, living in Guntown, Quinn said the story is “rooted in the political, but we wanted to focus the story primarily on the people living within this setting and under these unprecedented circumstances.”

Guntown First Issue
The first issue of the graphic novel is currently available in hard copy and digital versions from Amazon. web photo

Here’s the description of the story from Amazon:

“When their home is threatened by the rise of a merciless demagogue hell bent on forging war with the outside world, Jimmy and Wade take it upon themselves to act. Their resistance against the Second Legion Army will test them in ways they never imagined. The adventure will reveal secrets of a dark past, bring their unshakeable friendship to its breaking point, and set the stage for Guntown’s ultimate battle.”

“The gun issue is one that people feel so passionately about and it doesn’t take a pro or con view, but it looks at it from both sides, and hopefully people being entertained,” di Bonaventura said in this story from

There’s no word on what the rest of the country is like in this future world (only one issue of Guntown has been released so far, or if the people who force citizens into the NFZ are armed, which would hint at the overall political climate.

Regardless, it sounds like an interesting story that tackles a lot of the gun rights issues we face today.

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