Hawaii Five-O's recent episode "Ke Ku 'Ana" deals with the father of a mass shooter trying to prove a point. web photo

When Hollywood tries to take on guns, outside of the historical or action movie arena, it usually doesn’t go very well if you value qualities such as logic and reason. When a third-rate remake of a TV show that was popular when Reagan was in the Oval Office gives it a go, it turns out really bad.

According to newsbusters.com, last Friday’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 entitled “Ke Ku ‘Ana” is full of “embarrassing falsehoods and other anti-gun propaganda.”

Here’s the quick and dirty of the plot: Kyle Kane is a crazy dude whose equally crazy kid was a mass shooter. He blames the “gun culture” for his son’s actions, so naturally he holds a roomful of people hostage at gunpoint—you know, to send a message.

Here’s a little sample of the dialogue from the episode. Remember, somebody, probably multiple somebodies, got paid to write this:

Danny (cop): …I mean, what-what your son Sean did, he did on his own. There’s nothing you could have done to stop that.

Kyle: You don’t know that. I’m not the only one with blood on my hands–the gunmakers, the lobbyists, politicians in their pockets–they’re all responsible, too. I thought after it happened that maybe something would change, maybe-maybe some good would come out of it. But then nothing happened! That’s when I knew that something had to be done. Somebody had to hold these gun nuts accountable.

Danny: I understand that. And I know that it is very easy to blame the pro-gun crowd. But I-I think, ultimately, we are all responsible, collectively.

Kyle: The gun industry can stop it; they choose not to! The gun industry doesn’t police itself. The politicians don’t do their jobs. And on it goes, and on and on and on! It’s got to end!

Danny: I agree with you 100%, okay? I am a cop. I am outraged at how easy it is to get a gun, no questions asked. As a father, I’m even more outraged. This is not the way we fix the problem. Uh, stealing guns and-and killing people?

Hawaii Five-0 Script Reads Like Anti-Gun Propaganda
The cast of the remake of Hawaii Five-O. web photo

To put this in perspective, a simple Google search will tell you that Hawaii has a strict “universal background check” requirement, meaning a state-issued permit for ALL gun purchases, including private sales. It should also be mentioned that in the episode, the mass shooter acquired his firearm through a straw purchase, an action which already against federal law.

Furthermore, the episode takes a jab at concealed carriers and the “good guy with a gun” argument by including a scene in which an armed judge pulls his gun when Kyle is distracted but somehow misses the gunman. The judge gets shot, and Kyle tells the negotiators, “One of your judges just realized the answer to the gun problem sure ain’t allowing more people to carry.”

While he’s doing this, the two undercover cops in the room don’t tackle him and defuse the situation, but instead blow their cover to tend to the wounded judge.

From the story:

“When writing shows about firearms, Hollywood should spend less time breathing life into anti-gun fantasies, and more time studying the actual laws in place (especially when your show takes place on an island with gun laws so strict they were ruled effectively unconstitutional). With a little research, they could avoid future embarrassment.”