According to CNN Money, in states where they are still legal, “high-capacity” magazines are following the similar patterns as gun sales—they’re through the roof.

Plenty of manufacturing companies only produce magazines to help meet the demand and get a piece of the considerable pie. TorkMag is one.

“We’ve sold several thousand units,” since the summer of 2015, Jarret Mock, owner of TorkMag told CNN Money. His startup makes 35- or 50-round AR mags that sell for $22 or $40 each. “For a beginning year, that’s pretty good.”

And, like certain firearms, it seems the demand for magazines that hold more than 20 rounds goes up whenever the possibility that they may be banned does.

Currently, magazines that carry 10 rounds or more have been banned in eight states, while some states, including Colorado and New Jersey, limit capacity to 15 rounds.

“It’s not just fear of regulation,” said Mock in the story. “I think some of it is people saying, ‘You told me you were going to try to limit this, so just on principle, I’m going to go buy one.'”

Some maintain that magazine capacity limits are useless when it comes to preventing crime. Bob Irwin, owner of The Gun Store in Las Vegas said they’re unenforceable.

“They’re saying, ‘Well you can only have a magazine that holds 10 shots, and the bad guys, of course, don’t obey that.” Irwin said in the story. “All it means is that a person defending their home will have fewer bullets than the bad guy. How is paying a fee or registering your 20 shot magazine going to prevent crime? It only affects honest people.”

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