HK Adds .40 S&W Model to VP Striker-Fired Pistol Line
The newest VP pistol from Heckler & Koch is chambered in .40 S&W. photo from

When Heckler & Koch introduced its 9mm VP9 handgun in 2014, it was a hit with shooters and reviewers alike, quickly making a space for itself in the polymer, striker-fired segment of the handgun world and becoming one of the company’s best sellers. Now, HK has announced its offering the VP pistol chambered in .40 S&W. The new model has been dubbed, as expected, the VP40.

“Just a year after launching the VP series pistol with the 9mm VP9, we are thrilled to have a .40 caliber model to join the line-up,” said HK-USA vice president for commercial and law enforcement sales Michael Holley, in a release. “Last year the VP9 took the market by storm and the VP40 promises to live up to its birthright. For civilian shooters and law enforcement agencies looking for a little more power to go with the VP’s well-recognized superior quality—this is it.”

According to HK, the VP40 has been through function and abuse tests including firing thousands of rounds of a wide variety of ammunition types through several test pistols, including an accuracy test, like other HK handguns.

The VP40 has all the details and controls of the VP9, including the interchangeable backdrops and grip panels, and the charging supports—small removable wings on the rear of the slide that make manipulation easier.

The new model’s price tag comes in at $719 MSRP. A law enforcement configuration with tritium night sights and three magazines is also available for $819 MSRP. VP40s started shipping this month.

The name of the VP line harkens back to the first polymer-frame handgun ever made (also a striker-fired pistol), HK’s VP70, introduced in 1970. The VP70 was invented by Alex Seidel, a surviving member of the deign team that worked on the original VP pistols, produced from sheet-steel in WWII Germany. VP stands for Volkspistole or People’s Pistol and were to be made for The Home Guard, but only prototypes were produced before the end of the war.

In some ways, the VP9 was an update of the VP70, that was also influenced by other HK handguns. The newer pistol’s polymer frame employs the same ergonomics that can be seen on the HK P30.