Holster Review: The Clinger No Print Wonder Holster

Holster Review: The Clinger No Print Wonder Holster
The No Print Wonder shown here with a Springfield Armory 1911 TRP Pistol.author photo

I'm a confessed plastogynist. I'm not sure if Webster knows this, but that's someone who hates Kydex inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters, even those sight unseen. In the past, I've been biased and bigoted against almost all of them, because I'm a certified holster snob. In fact, I wrote a whole book just about concealed carry holsters, so I've tried them all. Why don't I like Kydex IWB holsters? They're usually uncomfortable, and I haven't seen a clear benefit over good old-fashioned leather against my tender love handle areas. Until now.

The unique claim to fame of the No Print Wonder from Clinger Holsters is that it combines Kydex and leather—not for comfort, although you get that too—but for improved concealment. Here's how it works.

Holster Review: The Clinger No Print Wonder Holster
The No Print Wonder from Clinger Holsters. Note the flexible leather strap connecting the front belt clip.author photo

The Kydex shell that secures your handgun mounts to the belt with two metal clips spaced six or seven inches apart. The provides lateral stability. The rear clip is stuck to a rigid Kydex tab that’s secured to the holster body. These two parts act as one solid piece. Up front, a thick leather tab connects the front mounting clip to the holster. The effect is that the rear clip pulls the holster body, and your gun, close into your side. The flexible front mount wraps around your curves. When you put it all together, you have a stable mounting system that molds around your hip area.

The advantage and raison d’etre for this holster is that it pulls the grip of the gun in closer to your body than any other holster I’ve tried.

When carrying larger guns with longer grips, it's the grip that's most likely to stick out. When you lean forward, the grip pokes your shirt or cover garment out, possibly alerting all who aren't playing Angry Birds on their phone that you're carrying.

Holster Review: The Clinger No Print Wonder Holster
Rear view of the No Print Wonder.author photo

I’ve been using the No Print Wonder for the past month with a Springfield Armory 1911 TRP pistol. That’s a seriously large handgun with a tall grip. Within the first couple of hours, I developed complete “I’m not showing my gun” confidence due to the way it tucked the pistol in tight to my body. If you need to adjust, that’s easy. Both front and rear tabs have multiple attachment points for the belt clips, so you can move the whole rig higher or lower and change the tilt angle. You can also adjust the tension by which the holster secures your gun with two hex screws.

Last, but not least, the holster is tuckable. The clips are designed in a such a way that you can tuck your shirt in between the holster and your pants. All that will be visible are the clips.

This is one I highly recommend. You can get one factory-direct for $69.99.

Holster Review: The Clinger No Print Wonder Holster
The back clip, extended away from the body, pulls the grip towards your waist.author photo