Sticky Holsters

For anyone who is a fan of inside-the-waistband holsters for concealed carry, this product will, at the very least, get you to watch a couple videos about it.

Sticky Holsters, a company that debuted this year, makes holsters in 17 different sizes for various handguns and can accommodate lights and lasers. What’s different about them? They include no loops or clips to attach to a waistband or belt.

Instead of traditional connectors, the outside of Sticky Holsters are covered with a rubbery-type material that’s similar, according to the company, to the outside of the gloves worn by football receivers.

A Sticky Holster works with the tension of your waistband and the friction of the grippy surface against your clothes to stay in place and to ensure the holster isn’t drawn with your gun.

The large-frame pistol holsters are intended to be IWB only, but the smaller holsters for compact handguns can be IWB or used as pocket holsters.

It might not sound like the sturdiest way to secure a pistol, but with several positive video reviews by professionals and regular shooters on the web, it seems credible.

The company also sells several accessories to make the holsters more adaptable, including the Anklebiter leg rig that turns a Sticky Holster into an ankle holsters, and the Guard-Her Belt, that works the same way as the ankle holster, but made for a woman’s thigh so it can be worn with a dress—or for a man’s thigh too, if he’s into kilts. There’s also a travel mount that secures the holster in the center console of a vehicle.

Check out the videos here and several others that are floating around out there and see if they might be a solution to your concealed carry needs. If anyone owns and uses a Sticky Holster, hit us up on Facebook and let us know how it works for you.