All N82 Tactical holsters have one thing in common: the large, multi-layered back panel completely shields the gun from your body. Why is that significant? The soft panel separates the gun from your sometimes-sweaty body parts, and your body from the rough, abrasive, and oily gun parts. That’s one of the reasons I like using them in the outdoor sauna known as the Lowcountry of South Carolina. The large back panel makes a world of difference when it comes to all day carry comfort, especially in hot weather when you’re unlikely to be wearing layers of clothing.

All of the N82 Tactical models I’ve tried work exceptionally well when carrying while wearing shorts and t-shirt. They all use a three-layer panel construction comprised of leather, neoprene, and suede leather. The suede layer’s texture rests against your body and is not only comfortable, but also provides a friction hold that helps keep the holster and gun stable. (That’s the primary reason that all previous N82 models have only a single clip to attach to the belt.) The middle layer is neoprene. You know, the stuff James Bond and evil henchmen scuba divers use to stay dry during those epic underwater fight scenes. (Thunderball anyone?)

N82 Tactical Pro Tandem Concealed Carry Holster
Each belt clip has four mounting positions so you can angle the holster and gun to your preference. photo by Tom McHale

On the outside, next to the gun, is a layer of smooth leather for durability and to protect the finish on your handgun. In short, no sweat gets from your body to the gun and no oil leaks from the handgun to your clothing.

For a few years now, N82 Tactical has offered some variants of their classic, single-clip, inside-the-waistband holster design. The newest is the Pro Tandem. This one uses an even larger panel anchored by dual clips on either side of the gun mount. Because each clip has multiple optional mounting points, you can raise or lower each to create the perfect carry angle and height for your firearm.

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The gun is held in place using the N82 Twist Release Retention System. The holster pocket itself is made from a tough polycarbonate—the same stuff used to make DVDs and bullet-resistant glass.

N82 Tactical Pro Tandem Concealed Carry Holster
The suede back panel is not only comfortable, but also helps stabilize the gun via friction. photo by Tom McHale

An ingenious design keeps the gun’s trigger guard locked into the holster until you draw using a slight twisting motion. The gun won’t come out until you want it to, and there are no levers to operate to unlock the gun from the holster.

I’ve been using the N82 Tactical Pro Tandem Concealed Carry Holster with a Springfield Armory 1911 TRP. This is an all-steel, full-sized gun, so when loaded with .45 ACP ammo, it’s heavy. The holster does a beautiful job of balancing the weight, making all-day carry a breeze. Don’t let the large back panel fool you—it actually makes concealment easier because it snugs the gun close to your body, but with extreme comfort.

N82 Tactical Pro Tandem Concealed Carry Holster
I’ve been using the N82 Tactical Pro Tandem with a large and heavy handgun – the Springfield Armory 1911 TRP. photo by Tom McHale