The homeowner snapped this photo while waiting for police to arrive. You can see his handgun barrel at the bottom of the frame. photo from

A homeowner in Chino Hills, California returned from a trip to the supermarket to find three burglars trying to break into his house.

The unidentified homeowner then grabbed his handgun after hearing the intruders attempting to pry their way in the back door, and apparently fired a warning shot, according to neighbor Tony Train in this report from

“They came home from supermarket, and they noticed somebody jump the fence and try to pry in. He had a gun. So he pulled out and do a warning shot,” Tran said in the story.

The unidentified homeowner then held the three burglars at gun point, lying on their bellies, until San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies arrived and arrested them, the story says.

The homeowner, who reportedly doesn’t speak much English, had the presence of mind to snap a couple photos of the robbers on their stomachs before the police came. The barrel of his handgun can be seen at the bottom of the frame.

Police arrived and arrested the suspected robbers.
Police arrived and arrested the suspected robbers. photo from web photo

Neighbors say it’s mystifying why the burglars chose the home they did, which they described as the Fort Knox of the cul-de-sac, with bars on every window, and clearly an armed owner.

The story says burglars tried unsuccessfully to break into another home nearby while the owner was sleeping. They were unable to gain entry through a window and left in a white car.

It’s not known if the incidents are related.

“I got family. I got kids. I got a house here. I don’t have time to mess around with these fools. If they want to come back around here and come in, I’m ready for them,” the homeowner, identified only as “Paris” said in the story. “Anybody that wants to come into this house uninvited is not welcome.”

Paris has since covered the broken window with a sign saying: “You might make it in … You won’t make it out!!!”