If you’re a precision shooter who is a fan of using things like gun-mounted cameras and Wi-Fi enabled rifle scopes to record and evaluate your performance on the range or in the field, a new joint product venture from the popular optics-maker, Vortex and the premium bullet and ammo producer, Hornady: the Bullet-Cam.

The companies announced the revolutionary new product via the Youtube video above on Friday, giving shooters a whole new way to see from the perspective of the bullet and become true precision-shooting experts—and for hunters to confirm their kills in the field.

“When it comes to bullet impact, shooters have had to rely on traditional optics to determine accuracy for long distances,” says Ian Klemm, the head of research and development at Vortex. “We were determined to provide an additional point of view to improve precision and overall performance.”

“We reached out to Hornady to collaborate on a new product encompassing action-camera technology that before now was impossible to achieve,” Klemm added.

The Bullet-Cam is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a miniaturized camera with a lens actually mounted in the nose of a bullet. Once the round is synched up to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can literally see what your bullets sees once it leaves the muzzle, and follow it precisely to where it impacts the target. The camera software also collects data during the bullet’s flight, providing the shooter with details like bullet velocity and trajectory for every shot.

Revolutionary New Bullet-Cam Ammo
The world’s first bullet-mounted camera, the Hornady/Vortex Bullet-Cam. web photo

But developing the high-tech new bullets wasn’t an easy process, and a lot of challenges had to be overcome to develop an effective load.

“One of our initial concerns was flight path and that the mass of our optical system had to be absolutely centered,” Klemm said.

“After considerable testing and retesting, we developed the brand-new G10 Drag model, which streamlines the trajectory for this new profile,” said Jayden Quinlan, a ballistics engineer at Hornady, in a release. “In addition, we redesigned the propellant burn characteristics as well as its densities. We are confident with, or without the camera, this bullet technology is going to start a trend in the shooting community.”

Not only that, but the bullet-mounted camera instantly uploads all video and data to the VTX cloud, so it can be reviewed by multiple users, or sent to other via various social networking platforms.

So how much will this new tech go for? Hornady says a box of 10 Bullet-Cam rounds will cost $99.99, so that’s $10 per round. Not exactly plinking prices, but for the data and the view, you can’t beat it.

Initially, the Bullet-Cam will only be made in .308 Winchester, but both companies say to expect 5.56/.223 and a .300 BLK loads later this year and that plans are in the works for a scaled-down handgun-caliber version of the Bullet-Cam.

Note: We published this post on March 31 to coincide with the press release…even though it would be more appropriate for publication the day after.