Last October we told you about Steve Spinella, of New Jersey, and his record-breaking long-distance rifle shot of 3,800 yards. But did you know he broke his own record about two months later—by a solid margin?

According to this story from Texas Fish & Game, on November 22, 2015, Spinella hit a 36″ plate at 4,210 yards with an HCR 375 CheyTac rifle—a distance of 2.4 miles. Each of Spinella’s three record shots (the first was 3,600 yards) required Hill Country Rifles in Texas to build a unique rifle, though each were chambered in 375 CheyTac.

The story says one of the most drastic improvisations was engineering custom mounts to avoid running out of scope adjustment. A 230-minute of angle rail was machined for a 20 MOA Nightforce Unimount for a total of 250 MOA.

The scope the team used was a Nightforce Beast that allows for an additional 34.9 MILS of come-up.

From the story:

“Because of the amount of cant in the mounts, the point of impact at 100 yards is 16 feet, 8 inches high.

“After hitting the plate at 3600 and 3800, the HCR team felt confident the 4210 would happen. Time to learn a new lesson.

“At 4210 yards, a 1/2 mph change in wind speed can move the bullet more than four feet. The wind was blowing 15 to 35 mph most of the day Saturday, so the shot was moved to Sunday.

Shooter Steve Spinella and his target.

“During the 3800 yard shot, the first shot was close to the target and easy to see. In fact, almost every impact was visible through the spotting scope.

“’17 shots later we hit our target,’ said HCR President Dave Fuqua. “It is amazing to see what happens to the bullet in the next 400 yards.’

“The last 400 yards adds 1.5 seconds to time of flight and the bullet drops and additional 265 feet. That is a lot of time for the wind to push the bullet. Another major obstacle to this shot was that the equipment would only calculate ballistics to 4,000 yards. So just finding a starting point in terms of dope was a challenge.”

Go here to read a full account of the shot and check out the shot details below:

Location: FTW Ranch, Barksdale TX

Rifle: HCR Carry Weight 375 CheyTac

Action: Stiller CheyTac 1.450″

Barrel: Benchmark 8 groove, 1:11.5″ twist, 27″, .750″ @ muzzle

Muzzle Brake: Benchmark Miller Prone

Trigger: Jewell with front safety set 2.0 pounds

Stock: McMillan A3/5 customized to fit action, bottom metal, with custom adjustable comb

Trigger Guard: Bear Custom DBM

Metal Finish: Two-tone black, tungsten gray cerakote

Scope: Nightforce Beast H59 reticle

Ballistic Data and Environmentals

Total Elevation: 96.5 MILS (4.5 MILS in the reticle)

Windage: 2.3 MILS right

Temp: 58 degrees

Humidity: 50%

Elevation: 2000 ft.

Station Pressure: 28.00 Hg.