How Gun Owners Impacted the Trump Win.

After the stunning election upset that saw Donald Trump win the presidency, gun owners are breathing a sigh of relief—and they’re also getting credit from Second Amendment organizations for making the difference in the surprising grassroots victory.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation issued a statement about the win, saying, “The American people have spoken. We have elected a president who has pledged to protect our Constitutional rights and a majority of both houses of Congress that will work to ensure that our individual right to keep and bear arms will be preserved.

“The work of those who love liberty and our nation’s hunting and shooting traditions is never over,” the NSSF statement continued. “Americans need to remain involved to help ensure that the defense of our Second Amendment remains strong and the lawful commerce in firearms is protected at all levels of government.”

The NRA, which endorsed Trump, was quick to congratulate gun owners.

“Voters sent a loud and clear message that our gun rights are not for sale,” said Chris Cox, executive director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action. “Despite the unprecedented efforts by New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg and the gun control lobby, the Second Amendment prevailed.”

According to this story from, some are not only crediting Second Amendment issues with adding to Trump’s vote tally, but also for stripping votes from Hillary Clinton because of her decidedly anti-gun stance.

Alan M. Gottlieb, founder and Executive Vice President of the Second Amendment Foundation, said gun rights votes impacted Clinton’s numbers quite a bit.

During her concession speech, Clinton said one day a woman would break through the proverbial “glass ceiling” to win the presidency, the story says.

Gottlieb quipped that she “bumped up against the ‘lead’ ceiling” before playing on Trump’s tired campaign slogan by saying, “It’s time to make the Second Amendment great again.”