Lauren Aldoroty (left) and Anna Carter (right) on practice day at the 2016 NRA Rifle Club Championship at Ft. Benning, GA. The two physics majors from Johns Hopkins University competed at the match for the first time this year. photo from

When Lauren Aldoroty was a freshman at Johns Hopkins University back in 2013, she was looking for a place to practice rifle shooting in the area. Even though the university is in the not-gun-friendly Baltimore, Aldoroty, a native of New York City, was determined to find a place to have an active group of fellow students to the range a few times a month to practice. She thought she might even start a university shooting club, according to this story from

Aldoroty learned to shoot at Brown Ledge Camp in Vermont in 2008, and eventually became a rifle range counselor. She took to shooting so much that trips to the range in Long Island with her father became a Saturday morning routine, the story says.

Eventually, Aldoroty found her way to the Monumental Rifle and Pistol Club, and its owners Bryant and Mary Anne Cramer helped her and another student, Kevin Pfau, to create the JHU Marksmanship Club.

The club has finally been approved by university faculty as a special interest and hobby program, and is slated to be rolled into the university’s athletic department as a full-fledged sports club in 2017.

After finding a place to shoot, Aldoroty saw two more students join. Cramer then allowed the students to borrow the club’s guns to shoot, and sometimes even picked up the young shooters with her own vehicle to take them back and forth to practice, the story says.

After some time, Mary Anne Cramer became the defacto coach, supervisor, and mentor at the range.

From the story:

“Cramer was eager to guide the young student-athletes in the right direction. After much training the club members were ready for competition and asked Cramer if she would be willing to sponsor an NRA Intercollegiate Sectional at her range. Her response? ‘Yes!’”

“The NRA Collegiate Programs staff was happy to help, and the JHU Marksmanship Club was able to get a sectional match sanctioned. As a direct result, Aldoroty and Carter qualified for this year’s NRA Rifle Club Championship at Ft. Benning, GA. Aldoroty finished the championship with a personal high score of 569, and Carter scored a 488—a very respectable score for someone shooting her second competition ever. “

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