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Most gun owners know that there are some internet companies out there who have made efforts to distance themselves from the gun industry. is one of these. Although the site doesn’t allow the sale of any firearms or ammunition through their e-commerce behemoth, you can buy almost any firearm accessory and related equipment on Amazon.

One gun-rights writer found a way that users can actually force Amazon to donate money to gun rights groups.

In an opinion piece on, Tony Oliva says that Amazon will donate money to charitable organizations of your choice if you go through

The author says that he discovered Amazon actually has an extensive range of charities from which to choose.

“…wouldn’t you know it, among the options were my old friends at Gun Owners of America’s 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Gun Owners Foundation. The Gun Owners Foundation educates the public about the importance of the Second Amendment and to provide legal, expert, and support assistance for law-abiding individuals involved in firearm-related cases.”

The author takes a sizable amount of glee in “forcing” Amazon to donate money to pro-gun organizations.

“Do I like that Amazon has taken position that I find distasteful? No. But do I love that every little bit I buy from them forces them to support an organization that I believe in and they don’t? Absolutely. Now, don’t get me wrong, its not like I am going to start buying MORE from Amazon or go out of my way to buy from them. If I did then they would be getting the better of the deal because they would be using me to increase their sales. I’m not going to help them…no…they are going to help me support the 2nd Amendment.”

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