More than 350 women showed up for a free gun class last Sunday held by the Legally Armed in Detroit group for the fifth consecutive year.

The class is run by firearms instructor Rick Ector, who owns Rick’s Firearm Academy of Detroit.

In this story from, Ector says he started the annual program after seeing news reports about a murdered woman whose body was dumped in Detroit on the street.

“I thought somebody should do something about that. Somebody has got to be out here emboldening women on bow to protect themselves,” Ector said in the story.

From the story:

“The numbers of female gun owners has continued to climb in Metro Detroit and Michigan over the past decade. The number of new CPL licenses issued each year to women between 2010 and 2014 rose 122 percent in Macomb County, 90 percent in Wayne County, and 74 percent in Oakland County, according to Michigan State Police.”

“The No.1 reason why women that I have trained or spoken to about firearms get a CPL is security concerns,” Ector said in the story. “They watch the nightly newscasts and see that women are especially targeted for victimization by predators. Many of them are parents and feel obligated to provide protection for their families.”

The Detroit News spoke to several women who attended the class.

Tanisha Moner, a Clinton Township resident and firearms instructor said she sought her concealed carry license after she became a crime victim twice.

“A gun can help level the playing field,” said Moner in the story.

Kristina Nixon told the News that, as a real estate agent, she plans to get a carry license.

“I show houses and I’m by myself. We need to be armed,” Nixon said. “Because of terrorism today, I’d rather be armed. If someone pointed a gun at my 7-year-old (in a terrorist attack), I want the chance to save my kid.”

For full story from Detroit News, go here.

Last summer, Detroit’s police chief James Craig encouraged the city’s residents to legally carry firearms for self- and home-defense, as the city is beleaguered by crime and dwindling resources have caused the city’s police force to be reduced in recent years.