Hunting: Blaze Pink Bill Making Some See Red
Wisconsin Reps. Nick Milroy, Joel Kleefisch, and David Steffen unveil the Hunt Pink bill during a news conference.

Two Wisconsin state representatives have proposed a seemingly well-intentioned bill that would allow hunters to wear blaze pink instead of traditional blaze orange in the field during hunting season.

It’s the motivation behind the bill that has some feeling patronized.

Reps. Nick Milroy, Joel Kleefisch, and David Steffen unveiled the bill during a news conference while wearing bright pink t-shirt that said “Hunt Pink,” according to this story on

The goal of the bill is to get more women into the field. During the conference, the representatives said they want to encourage more residents to hunt as well as appeal to female hunters and new hunters. The bill is meant to correspond to trends in the hunting and shooting industry that offer more options to women, who are participating more and more, according to this story on

One woman told Channel 3000 it could be a good idea: “I think it will help girls not say, ‘That’s a boy’s sport.’ And they might want to do it more with their father, or their mother or grandmother,” said hunter Monica Kamal.

Another wasn’t so rosy about the Hunt Pink bill.

“It was just definitely insulting,” said Valerie Hein Hamstra. “I don’t think (women) need to wear pink to be a great hunter or an outdoor individual.”

The bill is currently being circulated for co-sponsors in the Wisconsin state Legislature. It would still need to be taken up by a committee before a vote could be taken.