The video above of an FBI agent dancing (well…trying to dance) and causing his pistol to fly out of its holster and hit the dance floor has gone viral over the weekend. It’s what he did next that was probably the biggest mistake of his career, but provides a teachable moment for everyone who carries.

The unidentified agent was off duty at the Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Bar in the Lower Downtown neighborhood of Denver, CO.

At about 12:45 a.m., the agent began busting some moves, which included doing a backflip.

He lands the flip, but in the process, his handgun flies out of what looks to be a small-of-the-back IWB holster.

Back in 2016, the FBI switched from its .40 S&W Glocks to 9mm Glock 17M and 19M pistols. It’s not known which caliber this agent is carrying, as the .40-caliber pistols haven’t yet been entirely phased out, but he’s definitely carrying a Glock, likely a Glock 27 or a Glock 19M. It could possibly be a Glock 26, which is authorized by the FBI as a backup pistol, though the gun in the vid looks too big to be a subcompact.

This is important because when the agent panics and hastily snatches his pistol up from the floor, his finger gets inside the trigger guard and causes the gun to discharge.

The round reportedly hit a bystander in the lower leg. The victim was taken to an area hospital. The agent then reholsters his gun and walks away with his hands up in a dismissive gesture.

On social media outlets, some were claiming the gun discharged when it hit the ground. However, it’s obvious that the gun’s internal drop safeties functioned perfectly well, as the Glock doesn’t go off until he grabs it.

This story from The Tribunist says the agent was arrested and then later collected by an FBI supervisor.

No reports indicate whether or not the agent will face disciplinary action or criminal charges.

The Lesson

Regardless, this is a great lesson on what NOT TO DO if you should ever commit the sin of allowing your carry pistol to fall from its holster. Yes, having your handgun hit the floor is a very bad thing for a lot of reasons, but it’s not nearly as bad as a negligent discharge that could hurt or kill someone.

If this should ever happen to you, calmly and safely collect your gun, being careful not to get any finger anywhere near the trigger, and reholster it. You might end up explaining your blunder to police, depending on where you are, but that’s a lot better than the alternative.