Illinois May Be First State to Ban Gun-Shaped Cell Phone Cases

Back in July 2015, we reported on cell phone cases being sold on the Internet that, when inserted into a pocket or purse, look like the butt of a handgun is protruding from it. At the time, police in New York were advising people not to buy the case, for the obvious reason that it could be mistaken for a real handgun. Well, now Illinois could become the first state to ban the cases.

Last year, the cases were banned by the Chicago City Council, according to this story from, and now state Sen. Ira Silverstein (D-Chicago) wants to ban then statewide.

The pistol-lookalike cases come in bright colors, but they also come in black or silver, which resemble real guns from even a short distance.

Some online sellers like Amazon have removed them from their sites, but they are still available on third-party seller sites like eBay.

In 2002, Silverstein got a law passed banning firearms in the shape of cell phones, the story says.

The state, despite its strict gun laws, has seen over 650 shootings this year, along with nearly 3,000 last year, many of them in Chicago.

The state legislature is expected to vote on the cell-phone case ban in April.