Bulletproof clothing has had a presence in spy movies and sci-fi novels for a long time, but in reality, the materials capable of stopping a bullet haven’t been conducive to any kind of clothing that could pass for normal.

Well, that might be changing when it comes to one of the bulkier clothing items people wear: winter coats.

A company on IndieGoGo, called simply Bulletproof Jackets, has raised more than $42,000, 70 percent more than they need to get started, for a “lightweight, comfortable, and fashionable” line of winter coats incorporating “the latest in ballistic fiber technology.”

Arctic women's down jacket.
Arctic women’s down jacket. mfg photo

According to the crowd-funding site, the products are “made from 100% US Kevlar XP” and are lightweight and flexible with a National Institute of Justice 0101.06 IIIA rating with the ability to stop handgun rounds up to and including a .44 Magnum. If you need proof, check out the video to see on of the Bulletproof Jacket coats in action.

“These jackets offer the same protection found in soft body armor used by nearly all Law Enforcement Officers and Military Personnel. We want to save lives. You can help us do just that.”

With the current concerns over self-defense in an active shooter situation, these garments offer a solid degree of protection that’s practical and inconspicuous for every-day wear.

The Logan men's wool overcoat.
The Logan men’s wool overcoat. mfg photo

And, to that end, these coats, styled for men and women, aren’t tactical garments by any means. One model, The Wonder, is a normal looking 3/4 length overcoat with a hood for women with a front zipper, a chest pocket, side pockets, and high-neck coverage and a 70/30 wool blend. The hood is also integrated, and made from the same material. MSRP: $379

The Freedom is a unisex quilted vest with four pockets, down pillowing, and a completely polyester exterior that comes in four colors. The best part is it looks like a million other insulated vests on the market. MSRP: $289 The best part is you can wear this under a regular mid-weight coat for extra warmth, and a full vest of protection.

The Wonder women's overcoat.
The Wonder women’s wool overcoat. mfg photo

The Arctic is a long-sleeved insulated coat with down pillowing and a ribbed stitching pattern and a polyester exterior and a high collar for more warmth. It also comes in four colors and a diamond stitching pattern. MSRP: $289

For men, there’s The Sherpa, an actual sherpa-lined hoodie with a zip front, two front pockets, and polyester construction with included Kevlar. A hoodie that can stop a .44 Magnum sounds pretty attractive. MSRP: $289

The Sherpa men's hoodie.
The Sherpa men’s hoodie. mfg photo

There’s also The Sport, which is a men’s softshell jacket with a left chest pocket, two side pockets, a full zip front closure, high-neck coverage and a hidden chest pocket.

Finally there’ s The Logan, a botton-front men’s overcoat that’s a 3/4 length that covers and protects the thighs. It’s fully lined with a zipper inner bib, two inner pockets, and two front pockets with a 70/30 wool blend. If you didn’t know, you’d never think it was anything but a normal overcoat. MSRP: $379

The Freedom unisex insulated vest.
The Freedom unisex insulated vest. mfg photo

The site says the products from Bulletproof Jackets should be available in January 2018. If they are, then this will be one heck of a layer of passive self-defense for the colder months. We’re going to keep our eye on them…