The lower depicts Spike from the first *Gremlins* (1984) holding a pile of poop.
The lower depicts Spike from the first Gremlins (1984) holding a pile of poop. Palmetto State Armory

In the Internet age, it easier than ever for detractors to level accusations at a company—justified or not. In honor of an individual that directed one such unwarranted allegation, and the Internet dog pile it created, Palmetto State Armory has created the Poop Flinging Gremlin Lower.

As reported by, the online shooting match began with a post on

A forum user lodged unfounded complaints against Palmetto State Armory’s business practices, which caused many of the forum’s other users to lash out. In retaliation, the poster of said complaints called the others on the now-83-page-long thread “Poop Flinging Gremlins.”

The fire selector has three positions:
The fire selector has three positions: “No Poop,” “Poop,” and “Fling Poop.” Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State apparently doesn’t take itself too seriously, and they quickly created the new lower—complete with serial numbers beginning with “POOP.”

“These limited-edition lowers are made using the most advanced aerospace manufacturing technology to produce the industries finest, forged Mil-Spec lowers. Our receivers are machined on a multimillion dollar, automated, manufacturing system which enables us to produce a product of unequaled quality and value,” Palmetto State said of the forged black hard coat anodized 7075-T6 aluminum multi-caliber lowers.

My favorite part of the new lower is the selector switch, which is labeled “NO POOP,” “POOP,” and “FLING POOP.” If you want one you’ll have to wait, as the first run is already sold out. Palmetto State hasn’t given any details about the next release, but I’m sure with enough Internet pressure than can be convinced fire up the CNC mills again soon.