Intuit owns both the TurboTax and Quicken software companies.
Intuit owns both the TurboTax and Quicken software companies. Wikimedia

A bunch of gun-related business across the U.S. were disrupted without warning in recent weeks when the credit service Intuit stopped processing their credit card payments. Why? Simply because their sales were gun-related.

In a blatant display of discrimination, Intuit stopped payments that didn’t even involve gun purchases, including purchases of t-shirts and coffee mugs as well as gun safety classes, according to this story from the NY Post.

The story says businesses have had to scramble to track down customers and get them to pay after their accounts were credited for the purchases they made, even if the things they bought had already been shipped.

According to The Post, Ken Campbell at Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona told the paper that he had just switched credit card processors in the spring to Intuit, which owns the TurboTax and Quicken software companies.

He said there was trouble when Intuit told Campbell it mistakenly believed gun sales were being made directly to his customers at Gunsite, a shooting and training academy.

Campbell explained that the guns were shipped to a local FFL, who then ran the required background checks and completed the sale. This didn’t matter to the company, he says.

“It’s fine, it’s capitalism, and if you don’t want to do business with us, we don’t want to do business with you,” he said in the story.

The story says Honor Defense, whose guns we have reviewed on Range365, had similar experiences with Intuit reversing customers’ charges. HD is based in Georgia.