IWI Tavor 7
The new Tavor 7 in 7.62 NATO from IWI is finally hitting gun shops a year after its release was announced. IWI

IWI recently announced it is finally shipping its much anticipated Tavor 7 rifle, after nearly a year since it was first introduced.

The Tavor 7 is, in appearance, a scaled up version of the 5.56 Tavor SAR bullpup chambered in 7.62 NATO / 308 Win.

It is much like the SAR in operation as well, but includes an M4-style ambidextrous magazine release system and a 45-degree ambi safety lever as well. The SAR has a paddle magazine release lever located directly in front of the magwell, behind the shooter’s shooting hand.

IWI included AR-style controls on its more compact X95 rifle with much success, so it only makes sense they would carry over these features to the Tavor 7.

the IWI tavor 7 in three colors
The Tavor 7 is available in three colors, black, green, and tan. IWI

The ejection side and charging handle can be switched to the lef tor right side of the rifle by the user and also features an ambidextrous bolt catch much like the X95’s.

You’ll notice the forend of the Tavor 7 has some things the SAR doesn’t, namely some M-LOK slots and Picatinny rails at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions on the forend so there is room on the short gun for multiple accessories and aiming devices.

Additionally, the rifle includes a short stroke gas piston with a four-position gas regulator (including an OFF position—a unique feature IWI says was designed for special operation needs—one would assume so a single suppressed shot can be fired as quietly as possible without the sound of the action cycling), a rotating bolt system, and a pistol grip that can be modified to fit different grip sizes.

IWI Tavor 7’s AR-style
The Tavor 7’s AR-style mag release and safety lever are ambidextrous. The ejection port and charging handle are also reversible. IWI

IWI didn’t release an official reason for the rifle’s delayed release, but internet rumors abound that they were having problems with achieving consistent accuracy. Accuracy issues have long plagued the bullpup platform.

Some have seen improvements in accuracy with the X95 after switching to an aftermarket free-float forend, or by removing the mostly unnecessary barrel shroud that forces contact between the barrel and the rifle’s body.

the iwi tavor 7 ar pistol in black
The Tavor 7 has a 16.5” barrel and measures 26.75” overall. IWI

However, the “accuracy issues” may also be compounded by the fact that the gun-buying public is so used to factory MOA rifles that the Tavor SAR and X95, which were designed as battle rifles and are plenty accurate to serve as such straight from the factory, are being unfairly judged.

The price of these models often leads buyers to believe they should be getting a more precise rifle for all those dollars, especially as AR prices continue to fall. The Tavor 7 has an MSRP of $2,099.

However, this isn’t a precision rifle, though some want to try and force it to be with aftermarket parts, and that’s perfectly fine.

We’ll have to see how the Tavor 7 runs out of the box—hopefully the wait was worth it.

IWI Tavor 7 Specs

Caliber: 7.62 NATO (7.62x51mm)
Action: Gas Piston, Semi-auto
Operating System: 4 position gas regulator, Closed rotating bolt, Short stroke gas piston
Magazine Type: LR/SR25 Pattern
Magazine Capacity: 20 Round
Barrel Material: Chrome lined, Cold hammer forged, CrMoV
Barrel Length: 16.5″
Overall Length: 26.75″
Weight: 9 lbs.
Rifling: 1:12″ twist, 4 grooves, Right hand
Stock Type: Reinforced polymer bullpup configuration
MSRP: $2,099