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The FBI has conducted more NICS background checks last month than in any other January since NICS was created, according to this story from Fox News.

With 2,545,802 checks processed through the NICS system, January 2016 beat the previous record January, set in 2013, by about 50,000, the story says. January’s numbers do mark a drop from the all-time single month record set in December 2015, but it’s also the ninth month in a row to set a record for background checks.

As always, it’s important to note that the number of NICS checks doesn’t directly translate to the number of guns sold, as this number doesn’t reflect how many checks resulted in a denial, or the fact that multiple firearms can be purchased with a single NICS check. Also, somw states use NICS checks as part of their carry permitting system, which doesn’t involved a gun sale. However, the number of checks performed does provide a good estimate.

The FBI has been so overwhelmed with background checks that it has had to temporarily disable the appeals process for those denied a sale through a check. The employees who typically review the appeals have been reassigned to handle the initial background checks, as we’ve reported.

Gun sales have continued to surge in the wake of President Obama’s executive action targeting gun sales.