The M1 presented to John Cantius Garand himself upon his retirement, serial number 1,000,000, will be on the auction bloc auction in September.

You may not be familiar with the man behind the iconic M1 Garand. Jean Cantius Garand began working at the Springfield Armory in 1919 at the tender age of 29.

He stayed there for some 34 years, until he retired in 1953. In that time he was involved in the development of a number of firearms, but it was the creation of an iconic semiautomatic rifle at the onset of WWII bearing his name that would prove to be his lasting legacy.


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According to Secretary of Army Robert Stevens authorized the Springfield Armory to present Garand with one of their noteworthy M1s from the arsenal’s museum upon his retirement in 1953.

They gave him the millionth M1 Garand ever produced, which was built in the Springfield Armory not even a year after Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

The one millionth Garand to roll off the assembly line on display by Rock Island Auction Company.
The one millionth Garand to roll off the assembly line, on display by Rock Island Auction Company. RIAC

So you can put that into context, nearly 5.5 million M1 Garand rifles were produced between 1934 and 1957.

After John’s death, the iconic M1 was bequeathed to his family, where it remained until NRA President Allen Cors acquired it in 2003, as told by

Cors is now offering it for sale through Rock Island Auctions, which calls the firearm “…most beautiful, highly figured, regular production M1 Garand stock and handguard sets we have ever seen.”