Pro-shooter, veteran, and gun safety advocate Julie Golob has has added two more trophies to her wall.

Golob, shooting for the Federal Premium Ammunition team, claimed her 14th U.S. Practical Shooting Association Ladies National Revolver Title and the Classic Nationals Aggregate Ladies Title at back-to-back USPSA nationals in Illinois.

“It’s great to claim another USPSA national title,” Golob said in this post on her website. “I have taken a good bit of time off over the years to grow our family. It was great to prove I’ve still got it.”

The championship was held at the Pasa Park Complex from May 5-8. The two national championships each featured 14 courses of fire that pitted more than 450 shooters against each another. Golob started strong at the Single Stack Nationals, where she placed third in the ladies category and 51st overall among 372 shooters, missing the ladies title by just .753 percent.

She followed with a score of 732.1532 match points in 243 rounds in the revolver competition, placing 38th overall and winning the ladies title.

Her combined score of 1544.7605 match points from both events landed her atop the ladies ranks in the 1911 Classic Nationals Aggregate competition.

“Both nationals were extremely accuracy-intensive,” Golob said on her site. “I can’t say enough about American Eagle ammunition. it’s a top choice for polymer pistol divisions because it shoots so well out of light guns, but it’s also a top choice for 1911s and revolvers.”

Golob has won more than 120 championship titles in seven different action-shooting disciplines, making her one of the most accomplished shooters in the world. She is also a staunch advocate for gun safety practices and education.